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Last Friday I met up with my oldest friend, maid of honor, and sister from a different mister, Ashleigh. I have known my beautiful friend since my second birthday so we have a long story, too long for this blog, so I will just tell you that we are two ADD kids with a passion for adventures, good times, and giggles. :)

Ashleigh has been rock climbing for the last year, and she is always telling me how it’s a great functional workout. Finally the stars aligned and we were able to meet for a rock climbing tutorial! We met at VITAL Climbing Gym and I was impressed as soon as I walked through the front door.  I have been to a rock climbing gym before but it was nothing compared to VITAL.


At the gym, I rented special rock climbing shoes and borrowed some chalk for my hands.  The chalk helps with hand moisture which allows for a better grip to the handholds, while the rock climbing shoes fit like a glove which helps with standing on the smallest of footholds.

20130920_144150-psThen it was time for climbing! Ashleigh definitely has spidey senses because she was up the wall before I could count to three!  One thing that Ashleigh did stress was to use my legs to push my body up the wall rather than using my arms to pull myself up. This felt weird at first because it seemed more natural to use my arms, but once I got used to using my legs it became much easier.

20130920_144009-ps 20130920_144023-ps

Those kids made it look so easy!  I can’t believe I had not thought of this before, but rock climbing gyms are a GREAT place to bring kids to let out some of their energy!

Before I advanced to the harder wall, Ashleigh explained to me that each color tape is a different difficultly level.  We stuck with the beginner level since this was my second time climbing.


Ashleigh gave me some tricks to make the experience a little easier. The picture above shows her flagging which is when you stick your leg out against the wall to balance your weight in order to prevent your body from swinging away from the wall.


This wall was a killer! I needed some assistance. :)

20130920_151139(0)-psWe had a little too much fun on the slackline! FYI, slacklining is HARD!

Rock climbing was so much fun and a great workout to boot!  One thing I love about indoor climbing is that it is like solving a puzzle to find the easiest way to the top. I may just have to add rock climbing to my workout routine!

Have you been rock climbing before?  What’s your favorite thing about climbing? Have you been outdoor climbing?

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  1. First up, love those purple capris!! Second, I love rock climbing but it’s so hard to go in NYC. The closest open gym is in way far away in Brooklyn. I like going and doing the bouldering but would love to actually be harnessed in and climb because I actually feel safer. They make you take a test to do that though!
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