Up Next: Tri Events Championship

You didn’t think I was going to let my canceled race slide, did you!? Nope, I found another race to register for… it’s in two weeks! I decided to register for the Tri Events Championship race at Bonelli Park.

TriEventsSince Bonelli Park was the home of my first half marathon, that gives me an advantage because I remember how freakin’ hilly it is! I ended up registering for the Championship distance instead of the Express distance because I was probably dropped on my head. Here’s hoping all the training I’ve done in the last month gets me through the 1k swim without drowning!

While swimming is my favorite of all three sports, I mostly enjoy it in a pool. Swimming in open water so much more difficult (at least for this girl!). Though recently, I learned that some of the best open water swimmers breath on every right (or left) swim stroke! This makes me very happy because I was trying to breath on every other right swim stroke. I will be trying this out before my May 10th race!

Question: How often do you breath while swimming open water?

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