Until I Ran a Marathon, I Never Understood…

It’s official! I have been a runner for a year now! LA Marathon was the perfect way to celebrate my RUNiversary, but I never really understood #runnerproblems until I ran a full marathon. While running a marathon is a twisted kind of awesomeness, I thought I would share with you the all the gory details because I know you are just dying to know! ;-)

LA Marathon

Until a ran a marathon, I never understood..

Chafing – With half marathons, chafing wasn’t a issue. Once I started running more that 16 miles, there was chafing in places I didn’t even know could chafe! Let’s just say Body Glide is a girl’s best friend during marathon training.

Blisters – Oh my gosh. I had blisters on blisters on blisters! It was disgusting. I even got my first blood blister. Mole skin became a life saver.

Hunger- I never understood hunger, until I ran a marathon. And not your average, everyday kind of hunger. I shouldn’t admit this because I’m a healthy living blogger, but I ate like a beast after the marathon. Double-double from In-n-Out with animal style fries? Don’t mind if I do!

Soreness – Even though I was working out and running six days a week, I still couldn’t sit on a toilet after the marathon. I have never felt so much soreness in my legs before the marathon. I even had a waddle-walk at work the next two days.

Tapering - During half marathon training, I never needed to taper down. I would run 10 miles the weekend before a race. With a full marathon, you have to respect the taper period. I probably tapered a little too quickly since I was on vacation in Australia the day after the 20 miler, but during this time, my foot healed and my body recovered. On that note, I never understood running injuries until I ran a full marathon either!

With all that said, I wouldn’t trade my marathon experience for anything. It was truly incredible. It was hard beyond words, but the feeling of accomplishment after the race can’t be matched. I am even starting to forget the pain and considering another marathon in the distant future. :-)

And for what you are waiting for, the Nutribullet winner is: Kayla J. I sent you an email regarding shipment.

On an unrelated note, this morning I had to take Thing 1 to the vet to have his tooth removed. He is 15 years old, so even a minor surgery like having a tooth removed can be serious. But he is a tough old pup, so I know he’ll be just fine. :-)  Please keep Thing 1 in your thoughts.

 Question: What did you learn about yourself during marathon training? 

8 thoughts on “Until I Ran a Marathon, I Never Understood…

  1. First you have rocked it all year. I always say if you haven’t done it yourself no one really understand the pain that puts on the body to even do a marathon. You are amazing and on the right track for your life of fitness! Best of luck with Jessie and I’ll be praying for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery!

  2. Congrats Jilly , you look wonderful and I have enjoyed your blog too ! Always love seeing your pictures on fb ,keeps me in touch some. Hope thing one gets better soon. I remember when he was brought home . He’s special like all the family pets, and of course the owners . <3<3<3 love Grandma .!

  3. These are some great points. I can definitely relate to chaffing (YAY body glide), hunger, and tapering. I never used body glide until after my first marathon and it only took one shower to “shock” me into buying it (I had no idea I had chaffed until I stepped into the shower and was stung by the water). And, it’s not even fair that we don’t have In-n-Out in Oregon. I would devour that meal!
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