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Hi my lovelies! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Mine was pretty great. It started with a long run that was supposed to be 16 miles but ended up being 13 miles long. My heel is still swollen so I took it nice and easy.

Thank goodness for KT tape! This stuff is seriously amazing. I noticed such a difference the minute I put it on my foot.

Afterwards I went home to what is becoming a ritual after a long run –  eat good food, watch good TV (reruns of Friends or Sex and the City), and good old fashioned RICE. It’s funny… I am starting to feel like a lazy log after long run Saturdays. I know that I run a billion miles on Saturday, but for some reason I feel like I should be out and about rather than watching TV. Oh well… I’ll get over it! Like next week when I’m flying to AUSTRALIA!!!

On Sunday I went to a free triathlon swim clinic with my friend Yi.  I am slowing getting ready for the triathlon session since marathon training has taken over my life lately.  The clinic was very educational and perfect for anyone just getting into triathlons who is nervous about the swim.  The clinic started with individualized swims to determine our swimming level. Once we were placed in the beginner, intermediate, or advance group, the training began.

The intermediate group started with paddle board kicking. <– my kryptonite! Then we swam laps freestyle, where I received pointers like keeping my elbows up and my arms straight ahead of me as I entered the water. The clinic also emphasized gliding in the water like a fish rather than tightening up.


While I am glad I went to the swim clinic, I think I knew most of the information from swim lessons I took late last year. What I really need is a triathlon bike clinic! Surprisingly cycling is my weakest sport in triathlon.

Now for what you really want to know… the Veggie Grill winner is…

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Question: Have you ever been to a triathlon clinic?

7 thoughts on “Triathlon Swim Clinic

    • LOL! It’s the week after I return from Australia! I’m smart like that! The trip was planned before the marathon came about and there was no way I would cancel a trip to Australia! Luckily, I’ll be tapering down after the 20 miles.

  1. Have to agree with you that KT tape is pretty amazing stuff. Works like a charm. Also good to see that you benefitted from the swim clinic. It will really help in your next race. I have attended a few of these and once you follow the instructions it makes all the difference.


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