Triathlon Shenanigans

If you came here looking for a race recap, sorry to disappoint but my triathlon on Saturday was canceled. After arriving in Huntington Beach at the crack of dawn, I was informed by the race directors that due to 6 foot waves and 25 mph winds there would be no swim/bike/run. So sad. While I was disappointed, I was also relieved… I didn’t feel like drowning! Because that’s exactly what would have happened in 6 foot waves!

imageMy number one fans (mom and cousin) came all the way up from San Diego to volunteer at the race! Instead we went to Starbucks since that was the only place open at 6 a.m. Afterwards we went for a nice walk on the windy beach.

imageIt was beautiful!

After my family and I parted ways, I decided not to let the day go to triathlon waste and did a brick workout on the way home from Huntington Beach. It was a difficult 20 mile ride with tough head winds followed by a 2 mile run.
imageI recently learned from my fellow California Triathlon team mate that you only need to run 10% of what you bike during brick workouts. Mind = blown!
imageLater Saturday evening I went to a Dodger’s game with California Triathlon. It was a blast!

imageI need to learn how to take pictures!

image Even though my triathlon was canceled, it turned out to be a fabulous day!

8 thoughts on “Triathlon Shenanigans

  1. Yes it was a fabulously beautiful day! While I didn’t get in a 20 mile ride after, I did go for another walk for my 10000 steps! Bahaha The small things…..

  2. That’s great you got out there and went for a bike ride in the wind! I felt the walk on the beach and getting up so early! It was fun what we did after the sad news of cancelation of the Triathlon. Great as always to spend time with you! You rock and roll all the time! Love it and love you!

  3. You continue to inspire me – always looking at the positive side of things, not letting the day go to waste and moving forward to the next challenge.

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