Tri Events Triathlon

On Saturday I raced in Tri Events Championship Triathlon and it was a blast! Bright and early the Bear and I arrived at transition where I met my California Triathlon teammates. I have to say this triathlon most definitely did not go as planned. There were signs that it would be an interesting race from the very beginning.

IMG_3432-s IMG_3437-sAll the photography is by the loving Bear!

IMG_3451-sWhere’s Jillienne?

The swim started on the north shore of Bonelli Park. I started out very enthusiastically and thought the swim went really well considering I haven’t done much open water swimming. However, after looking at my watch I actually swam almost twice the distance I was supposed to. As it turns out, it’s a good idea to stay as close as possible to the buoys! The swim took 23 minutes for .96 miles.

IMG_3482-sThe transition from swim to bike went smoothly. I knew I was behind because everyone else had already left with their bikes.

IMG_3508-sI tried to make up time on the bike, but the hills got me. I maintained a 14.4 mph pace for a total of 1:08 minutes for 16.4 miles. Not my fastest, but also not my slowest for a hilly course.

IMG_3533-s IMG_3593-sThe transition from bike to run was… interesting. When I put my bike on the rack, the entire rack fell down!!! Luckily I caught it with my arm, preventing damage to several $3,000 triathlon bikes.

IMG_3611-s(Calling for help as I was holding up the rack!)

A nice gentleman helped me fix the bike rack, and then I was off on my run. The run was slower than I would have liked.

IMG_3662-sMy brick training was at a faster pace than I ran on Saturday. I stopped to walk up two different hills, but I couldn’t pick up the pace. It was all I had in me on Saturday. I finished 5 miles in 50 minutes.

IMG_3874-sI am always learning something new in each triathlon race. I look forward to using my new knowledge to my advantage at the Tri Events Triathlon next month!

5 thoughts on “Tri Events Triathlon

  1. You did very good, you finished and nothing really went wrong! Keep up all your hard work! I did a mile and that was it for me but it was something! I also did some push ups off the table’s. A nice girl came up to me and ask if I wanted to workout with a group that meets at the park , three days a week! Sweet! Great pictures and love that you share!

  2. The picture of you in your wetsuit makes me excited to get out there any test out mine! I love your facial expression when racking your bike… I could not imagine that happening. Good to know someone was able to rush over quickly to rescue you and all those expensive bikes! Great job on finishing – with each race comes knowledge and new experiences. I am ready to get my feet wet too!
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