Tinsel Triathlon

So I did my first Triathlon on Sunday!!! It was oh-so-much fun! Naturally the Bear and I arrived 2 hours before the race. I always like to get to races bright and early to set up the transition area and reduce pre-race stresses.

IMG_6650-s(Race photos are thanks to the Bear once again!)

Sunday morning was literally freezing in the low 30s! That’s ice cold for this Southern California girl. Since it was so cold, I had a last minute wardrobe change from my tri shorts/tank to tri shorts/sports bra/jacket. I was so thankful for the jacket!

After setting up my transition zone, I waited patiently (Instagramed) for an hour before the speed skaters started their race. Oh! Did I mention there was a half marathon speed skate!? It was so cool to see all the skaters. Before you know it, I’ll probably be doing that too!

IMG_6561-sThirty minutes after the speed skaters, it was tri time! As I mentioned when I signed up for the race, this was a reverse sprint triathlon, so it started with a 5k run, 12 mile bike (really 14 miles!), and 150 meter swim. The race started out strong with my second fastest mile ever (8:09) and my fastest 5k (26:53)!

IMG_6578-s IMG_6598-sThe transition almost went smoothly from the run to the bike, but my gears slipped as I got on the bike. Total amateur move for not checking this beforehand, but I had everything under control within 5 seconds. The bike ride was long and hard for me. I hadn’t been focusing on cycling since my last duathlon in September. BIG mistake! I struggled through the 12 mile ride, which really turned out to be 14 miles. Not to make excuses but I was having serious runny nose problems (TMI?) due to the cold. Note to self: always have tissues or a rag at the transition area. I could hardly breath during the bike ride. Lesson learned for next time.

IMG_6607-sTransition two went well. I quickly dismounted from my bike, ran to my swim gear, and removed my jacket and shoes. I threw on my cap and goggles as I ran to the pool. The swim went so quickly. (I should have picked a triathlon with a longer swim but to my defense, there aren’t many triathlons in the winter). All I remember about the swim, is that the pool was really, really warm. It felt amazing and was the perfect way to finish the race! My total, unofficial, time for the race was 1:27:19! Not bad for my first triathlon!

IMG_6636-s IMG_6669-sDuring the race, I noticed a few things: (1) I was passed by two kids under the age of 8 and a lady with only one foot during the 5k run. (2) There aren’t enough young females doing triathlons. I am making it my mission to get more females involved in triathlons. At first I was intimidated by the three sports, but they aren’t scary at all. ANYONE can and should train for a triathlon. They are so much fun! (3) You don’t need a triathlon bike to get into this sport, or even a road bike. I saw hundreds of mountain/hybrid bikes on the course.

I definitely have the triathlon bug! The next race cannot come sooner, but now is the time to focus on my first full marathon. Not to worry though… I have a list of summer triathlons planned out. And I am most definitely doing a 70.3 Ironman in the future!

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    • Let me know if you want to do one together! :) Reverse sprint tris are the best beginner triathlons since the swimming is in a pool.

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