Team NutriBullet: LA Marathon

Surely all of you are on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what my big secret is! ;) Hah! I decided to spill the beans before my triathlon recap because I can’t wait anymore! I was offered a spot on Team NutriBullet to train for the LA Marathon! I KNOW! I must have lost my frakin’ mind! 26.2 miles, here I come!


It all started after the Las Vegas half, when my friend Gaby, who you may remember from my first half marathon, contacted me to join the team with her. I thought about it for maaaaaaaaybe an hour and decided I had to throw my name in the hat. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity after all! Plus, I love the NutriBullet brand.


Last weekend I found out that my friend Gaby and I were picked for Team NutriBullet, who is sponsoring more than 70 people to run the LA Marathon while taking part in a NutriBullet-a-day diet. For the next three months, we will meet every Saturday to train as a group. Team NutriBullet, affiliated with the running group Shaka Runners, also offer Monday recovery runs, Tuesday and Thursday strength training sessions, and a free NutriBullet. I was joking with my friend Gaby that I am only running 26 miles for a free NutriBullet… that’s only half true… I’m also a little nuts.


Last Saturday Team NutriBullet met for “orientation.” We had a quick health check, learned the correct way to run, and ran our first 6 miles (in the rain) to kick off training!


I must admit that I got a little emotional thinking about my running journey.  In March of 2013, I started training for my first race ever, the Pasadena 10k, and now I will be running my first FULL marathon in March of 2014.  It has been an amazing year filled with all types of races, but I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my RUNiversary than by running the LA Marathon! I am just so happy and thankful and excited and filled with emotion.

I hope you join me on this new journey as I plan to post my progress in a new series: Team NutriBullet LA Marathon!

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