Team NutriBullet LA Marathon: Running Form ABC’s

Guess what?! I was offered a spot on Team NutriBullet to train for the LA Marathon. During this series I will share my running progress and nutrition until race day on March 9. I hope you follow my journey to my first full marathon!

Ever since I started running back in March, I have been worried about running injuries. Being the Type A girl that I am, I quickly researched YouTubed correct running form. Now that I am running a marathon with Team Nutribullet, I am thankful our running coach, John who founded the West LA running group Shaka Runners, reinforces correct form.

During Team NutriBullet’s orientation two weekends ago, John showed us the ABCs of running form – Align your posture, Balance your foot landing, and Count your cadence. I absolutely loved how John broke it down into something so easy to remember.

Align your posture: One trick that John showed us to eliminate bending at the waist while running is to center your body over your feet and interlock your fingers while raising your arms above your head. Another tip that John suggested was to keep your chin parallel with the ground while keeping your eye on the horizon. One problem I tend to have is looking down on the ground, which causes me to bend at the waist. I also swing my arms across my zipper line which is a big no-no when it comes to keeping good posture.

Balance your foot landing: To prevent injury it’s important to balance your foot landing. You want your foot to land flat on the ground beneath your hip to diffuse the shock of impact, this is called a mid-foot strike. John suggests one way to familiarize yourself with balancing foot landing is by marching in place. This is probably the best advice John has given us because I have seen many runners miss races due to heel strike injuries.


Count your cadence: The ideal cadence, the total number of steps that you take per minute, is 180 which is about 3 steps per second. You want your strides to stay short and quick to avoid unnecessary impact on your joints. John used a metronome to set a 180 BPM while we ran during orientation. However, you can count your cadence easily by counting how many steps your right foot takes in 15 seconds. Then multiple that number by 4 to get your total number of steps per minute. I recommend doing this during treadmill running.

Since most of you are runners, you probably already know a lot of these tips and tricks but I just love the way John broke down each of these rules. While running 8 miles with the team last Saturday, I found I kept reminding myself of John’s ABC’s, and I am sure that I’ll be grateful once I hit the 20 mile mark!

 Apparently running form is funny too!

 Question(s): How do you maintain running form? What’s your favorite running tip?

7 thoughts on “Team NutriBullet LA Marathon: Running Form ABC’s

  1. My form has undertaken many transformations! In the Marines I was over extending my strides. Later on training for my 1st Marathon I had bad probation and heel striking. I had a habit of leaning/hunching forward etc. Years of running and listening to advice has made me more efficient! John’s ABC principles are great! Definitely easy to digest and I wish I knew them from the beginning!

  2. I actually didn’t know all of those tips on running form so thanks for sharing! I do remember hearing the arm swing thing before so I’m pretty good at avoiding that but apparently it makes my arms look funny when I run (according to Brandon). I’m just following proper form, gah! :)

    Such a fun opportunity to work with Nutribullet. I’m excited to see what else you learn!
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted…Italian Stuffed ArtichokesMy Profile

  3. I watch myself in the mirror sometimes at the gym when I am running and I immediately try to correct my posture/form. I run slightly tilted forward and my feet kick out when I run. It is a total pain, but I am trying to work on it. My physio tried to teach me to run using my butt muscles (to relieve stress on my knees). This is not easy. Haha I am still trying to figure it out!
    Christine @ Gotta Eat Green recently posted…The Week Before ChristmasMy Profile

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