“Target Practice” Friday

Now for something new!  I thought it would be nice to have a Friday recap series where I discuss the progress I’ve made on my short term goals. I will also be sharing my fitness/health plan for the upcoming week.

The ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme call this “Target Practice.” If you aren’t following these ladies, you should cruise on over to their blog. Natalie is a newly engaged marathon runner, and Sara is a Louis Vuitton lovin’ Yoga instructor.

Improve Pace - Monday involved HIIT treadmill work.  It was an intense workout, and I was sweating bullets by the end. Below is my HIIT treadmill routine.
HIIT Treadmill Workout2

50 Push Ups -  My personal trainer, you remember Craig from the Park Workout Routine, read my post on Monday and decided to help me with this goal. Oh yay… I’m sure you can sense my enthusiasm.  During my Tuesday workout, he had me do many sets of regular push ups (55 total). Then he followed those push ups with crazy TRX one legged push ups. Those were fun.  Loved the sore arms this week.  (Craig, you know you are the best!)

Half Marathon - I ran 3 fast miles on Wednesday with my friend, Ben. He is one of those annoyingly fast runners I was talking about on Monday. He loves to run backwards while I am huffing and puffing with a forward run. But it paid off! Check out this speed racer!


Eating Clean - My eats have been pretty clean this week. We went out to dinner on Wednesday night and I ordered the grilled salmon, which was tasty but had way too much salt and oil.

I ate about half of it! Serving sizes are so big these days.

I also tried Holly’s Cucumber Dill Greek Yogurt Salad as a afternoon snack during work this week. So delicious!


Have you tried frozen grapes yet?! If you haven’t, then you are missing out. They are like little frozen drops of sunshine! Okay, so frozen sunshine is an oxymoron. (I should know better since I work for an Aurospace organization). But THEY ARE SO GOOD and have replaced my chocolate squares after dinner.

Next week I will be leaving for a short girl’s trip to Vegas about mid-week. I know it will be tough to eat clean and exercise while in Vegas, but here’s hoping! I’m contemplating on whether I should bring a blender. I’m also kicking off my half-marathon training next week and have a long run scheduled for Sunday, the day after I get back from Vegas. Haha… I’ll let you know how that goes!

Anyways… question of the day!

How do you maintain a clean diet while on vacation?

13 thoughts on ““Target Practice” Friday

  1. First off, let me just say that I am in awe of your push-up workout. Wowzers. As far as eating clean on vacation…Usually, I keep breakfast as the cleanest meal, because it’s usually fairly easy to find fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, etc. I also try to eat a salad at (or for) every meal. I think the biggest tip I have is to decide on your splurges beforehand — do you want a few amazing desserts, or would you rather have several sugary pool-side drinks? Don’t deny yourself a few splurges — it’s vacation, after all! :)

  2. I think you should be in charge of the Vegas dining experience this time around. I’m not a good influence when it comes to these things… Thanks for your weekly recap. Sounds like it was a success!

  3. Thanks for the link-up Jillienne! Wow…55 push-ups! That’s totally amazing! I can barely do a few before dropping to my knees and doing girly push-ups! I’m impressed!

    I really need to try freezing my grapes! Sounds like a nice treat for a hot day!

    Have fun in Vegas!! :-)

    • Thanks Holly! Can’t wait for Vegas!

      I started with incline push ups and slowly worked my way down to regular push ups. Doing it this way will tone the muscles making it easier to do regular push ups. (Nice trick my trainer taught me!)

      Also, frozen grapes are amazing!

  4. Awesome Target Practice!!! Vacations are always tricky – I try to shy away from the fried/sweet stuff and stick to veggie burgers, fish and veggies….I get enough calories from drinking on vacation :) Have a great trip!

    • Thanks Natalie. Looks like I’m now in charge of picking out restaurants… I’ll be steering clear of the fried food.

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