“Target Practice” Friday

I am going to jump right into Target Practice today.  As you know from yesterday’s post, it has been a busy week and workouts have been almost non-existent.

borrowed stole the idea for the Target Practice Friday series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  I do things a little differently, but ultimately it’s where I share my progress on my short term goals, a.k.a targets.

Duathlon -  Being the smart person that I am, I decided to register for the Pacific Coast Duathlon when I really should be resting.  My body was tired from many late nights so I only got a spin class in this week.  Who needs training when you can enter races?! :) Of course, I am super excited for the race this weekend.  The first run is on the sand! That should be a new challenge.

Improve Pace - Again, I didn’t work on pace this week.  Sometimes life happens!

Handstand - This week will probably go down in the books as the worst training week ever!  No handstand practice this week either.

Half Marathon – I wish I could give you good news here; I really do.  Saturday I ran with the Pasadena Pacers.  I was supposed to run 10 miles.  My body had other plans. I struggled through 5 miles.  On the plus side, I got in 6 easy miles this morning.

Eating Clean - Yay! I finally have something good to report! My eats were super clean this week.  The Bear was in DC on travel for work (he’s coming home today!!!), so I was able to eat all the veggies my heart desired.  As most of you know, I am one of those weirdos who actually loves all things green!  Anyways, I should have some awesome recipe posts coming soon.


I also discovered Dark Chocolate Dreams this week! This stuff is amazing on a whole wheat english muffin with a little honey.

Next week I really need to get back into a training routine.  I have had two “bad” weeks in a row and it’s time to find focus again.  I hope this race will get me in the spirit!

Enjoy your weekend! 

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    • Thanks Erin! I have tried the white chocolate flavor before but it just didn’t compare to the dark chocolate one. I’m obsessed!

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