“Target Practice” Friday

I’m trying something new today! I have been wanting to ride my bike to work for a while now, but have been afraid of riding with the clipless pedals in traffic.  Normally I train around the Rose Bowl where there are few cars.  Today I finally got up the courage to ride to work! If you see a picture on Instagram of a bruised knee or scraped elbow, now you will know what happened!

I guess it’s that time again. I must warn you… I was pretty bad this week!

borrowed stole the idea for the Target Practice Friday series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  I do things a little differently, but ultimately it’s where I share my progress on my short term goals, a.k.a targets.

Duathlon - If you saw Monday’s post, you know I finished my first duathlon!  It turns out I finished 2nd in my division and 9th out of all the females!  The race was exciting and wonderful but a little disappointing all at the same time. Why am I disappointed you may ask. Well you see, I missed the start of the race so I feel like I didn’t experience the entire race.  I need a do-over.  And I want one soon.  I’m looking for a race in the next month.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

oc0310 (1)

Improve Pace - Ha Ha Ha! Other than my new PR for the duathlon 5k. I didn’t run. None, nada, zilch!  I was super exhausted this week.  Maybe it’s because Aunt Flow came into town, if you catch my meaning, but I just could not get myself to run. I was in a funk and tired and grouchy and only chocolate would cure my bad mood. :)

Handstand - I met with my personal trainer this week, and we worked on handstands.  I got up on my own the second try!  I’m going to ignore the fact that I couldn’t get up again, and focus on the fact that I got up once and held it for 40 seconds! Woohoo! Some of you have asked how to do a handstand so I found this video of exactly what I was taught, minus the pushup!


Half Marathon – Refer to improve pace. No running, but I did do some yoga!


Eating Clean - Last weekend was horrible! I ate everything and anything. It was unsightly. However, the week went pretty well.  I had a lot of healthy salads for lunch and lean proteins for dinner, which is becoming the norm.

Next week’s goal is to get back on the running bandwagon. I also need to focus on eating clean.  I have another busy weekend planned and a Fun concert at the Greek on Tuesday!  My plan is to eat as clean and workout as much as possible, but sometimes you just need to live a little. So that’s what I am going to do!

 Have a great long weekend! 

9 thoughts on ““Target Practice” Friday

  1. Love your blog and especially this article. I enjoyed reading about the ups and downs but how in the end all that matters is that you keep going :)

  2. Yay for camel pose! Glad you like the DVD. Did you manage the Crow? I use this workout 2 or 3 times a week. It is nice because you can break a sweat since it is fusion.yoga :)

  3. I can’t believe you ride your bike to work! I’ve always wanted to do that but the logistics turn me off every time. That’s so cool. Congrats for placing second in your dualthon! That’s amazing! Have a great weekend.

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