“Target Practice” Friday

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents! We are almost to the weekend! It’s been a long week for me. Work has been busy and work(outs) have been lacking… which leads me to “Target Practice.”

Remember when  I borrowed stole the idea for this series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.

Improve Pace – None, nada, zip. I just wasn’t feeling a speed run on Monday.  Not to complain but I twisted my ankle in Vegas, which needed to be iced and rested. (Damn you heels!)  Normally I would give you some kind of HIIT workout routine here, but I didn’t do one so you get a quick gym workout.

Quick Gym Workout

Some YouTube videos for you:

50 Push Ups -  Still doing 32 push ups. Tried for 33 but it just wasn’t happening. Fun Fact! My face turns bright red after doing push ups. Oh yay.

Half Marathon – I will be running with the Pasadena Pacers tomorrow for 8 miles.  I got about 4 miles in on Wednesday.

Eating Clean -  Went to hell! Vegas didn’t help and I wanted pizza on Sunday night because I wasn’t about to cook after the long drive home.  Whenever something is wrong with me, pizza is my reward.  Hurt foot = pizza :) Other than the weekend, my eats were clean.  I ate a lot of Trader Joe’s salads for lunch…


I will be sticking to my new training program for the half marathon in the upcoming week.  I’m excited to run with the Pacers tomorrow. I am in need of a long run.  Next week’s focus will be speed runs!

Tonight I’m going to an Anaheim Angels game with the Bear!  Baseball games always bring me back to my childhood.  My dad took my brother and I to San Diego Padres games and let us get the biggest hot dogs.  I would cover mine in mustard and onions. Yum! (and gross at the same time).

Anyways, what are your plans for the weekend?!

11 thoughts on ““Target Practice” Friday

    • How funny! I was contemplating about calling him a pet name on the blog, but ultimately I decided what the hell. He real nickname is Jagr, so I normally call him Jagr Bear in person.

  1. Pizza is the greatest thing in life – when you are sad? Pizza. Hungry? Pizza. Drunk/Hungover? Pizza. Happy? Pizza. I could go on and on. Rest your ankle! You will only hurt it more if you don’t take the time you need to heal :) Have a great weekend! Love the Target Practice!

    • I hear the dodgers have been winning lately too! If you do go to a game soon, be sure to split a doyer dog with someone. Then run 8 miles the next morning to burn it off. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time in Vegas. Sorry about your ankle. Be careful not to twist it again. Really 32 push ups. I crash at 12. You go, you motivate me. You are amazing with your workouts and love you blogging too! Hugs

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