Target Practice Friday #27

borrowed stole the idea for the Target Practice Friday series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  I do things a little differently, but ultimately it’s where I share my progress on my short term goals, a.k.a targets.

I hope your week is serving you well! It was a short week for me. Can’t complain about that!

Marathon – I ran 18 miles for the first time last Saturday with Team Nutribullet. Woohoo! I was pretty happy with the run so hopefully all long runs continue to be like that. I also ran 9 miles and 4.5 miles making for a grand total of 31.5 miles!

imageImprove Pace - There were supposed to be hill repeats during my 9 mile run but my body just couldn’t do it this week.  I may have to adjust a few things in my running schedule so that my hill repeats are during shorter runs.
imageHandstand – I tried something new this week! It turns out headstands are much easier than handstands! I was able to hold one for at least 20 seconds away from the wall. Cool beans!

Eating Clean - Gosh! My appetite has grown so much with all this running! I never would have expected to gain weight during marathon training but I have… and it’s not all muscle weight! While I am eating mostly healthy foods, I eat a lot more than I used to before this training began. And I always want a burrito baby from Chipotle after a long run. No, I don’t share it with someone else!

Some eats and coffee by the LA River after a long run.

Enjoy your weekend!

7 thoughts on “Target Practice Friday #27

  1. This is so interesting to me, and actually something that I see over and over and over again in friends that I’ve coached (and myself). Women do tend to gain weight while marathon training, and men tend to lose. I have a post on this coming up soon, actually :). BUT … you look awesome, and you’re ROCKING your training, so who really cares!
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