“Target Practice” Friday #10

Howdy! Before I jump into Target Practice I wanted to tell my LA friends about the Lululemon Warehouse Sale.  It will be at Los Angeles Convention Center today through this Sunday. I will be there!  I hope to see you there too! On second thought, it’s cool if you can’t make it… more Lulu for me!

Now for Target Practice…

borrowed stole the idea for the Target Practice Friday series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  I do things a little differently, but ultimately it’s where I share my progress on my short term goals, a.k.a targets.

Duathlon - I completed my second duathlon last weekend which was a real butt kicker but I think I am ready to cross this target off the list!  The plan is to focus on my first and second half marathons over the next two months. Though, my half-ironman, half-alien friend, Brett, asked me if I would do the 2015 Half Ironman with him. I told him to let me get through my first triathlon first, so this winter, I will start training for my first triathlon!!!

Improve Pace - On Wednesday I ran a 10k negative split.  The first three miles were a slow 10-11 minute pace, while the last three miles were at a 8-9 minute pace.  I know it will take time to become a faster running, and I should be happy with my pace improving but I want to be fast already! Patience was never my thing!


Handstand - I met with my trainer, Craig Mills, on Tuesday and he had an awesome workout for me.  We also worked on handstands. Guess what?! I can kick all the way up on my own!  I kicked up 5 times by myself!  I still need to use a wall to lean against, but I am getting closer to crossing this target off the list.


Half Marathon – I ran 3 miles during the duathlon on Sunday.  The plan was to run 6 miles on Monday too, but I forgot about the Dodger tickets we had so I ran Wednesday instead.  I also plan to run 12 miles on Sunday.

Eating Clean - I ate pretty well this week.  So clean in fact that the Bear has banned eggplant and zucchini for at least a month!  I better start looking for some new vegetables to cook with. You know what they say… variety is the spice of life!


Just a breakfast rollup! My Dark Chocolate Dreams obsession continues!

I hope y’all (the country is coming out of me today) have a great weekend!  Maybe I will see a few of you at the Lululemon Warehouse Sale!

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  1. So, I made a breakfast wrap this morning. Multigrain tortilla, almond butter, a sprinkling of ground flax seed, small banana slices, cinnamon, warmed up in microwave. It was excellent! Thanks for the inspiration.

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