Target Practice #12

We made it to Friday! Woot Woot! <– I am turning into an owl.  I am riding my bike into work today because it’s casual Friday, which I my head means I don’t have to do my hair or wear makeup! Hopefully I arrive at work bruise and scratch free. Most likely I will keep you posted on Instagram!  It is Friday so you know that means it is time for some Target Practice.

borrowed stole the idea for the Target Practice Friday series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  I do things a little differently, but ultimately it’s where I share my progress on my short term goals, a.k.a targets.

Improve Pace - I worked on interval training at the gym once again, and once again I got bored after 20 minutes so I decided to do yoga.  Lots and lots of Yoga Meltdown this week.

Handstand - Handstand training went well this week. I can almost hold myself up for 5 seconds. Lol, I can’t believe I am actually excited for 5 seconds! If anyone is interested in learning how to do a handstand, the Purely Twins gave a great tutorial this week!

Half Marathon – I ran 10 miles on Sunday with the Pasadena Pacers.  I also got in a tempo 5k on Wednesday.  I have been trying to push the distance on my mid-week run, but I didn’t have the energy this week.  During a certain time of the month (*cough* menstrual *cough* cycle), I get very light headed so I played it safe with a short distance this week.

Eating Clean - My eats were questionable this week.  I may or may not have eaten a half pint of ice cream. :) I am not going to lie, I devoured that sucker!  I made up for it with a ton of garden salads and spaghetti squash made from my CSA box.



Spaghetti squash with ground turkey meat sauce! #yum!

I have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend except for a long run! So excited to relax!

Have a fabulously relaxing weekend! 

9 thoughts on “Target Practice #12

  1. Happy Friday!!! Hope you made it to work in perfect condition. Love that you are close enough to bike – so awesome. Handstands are so freaking hard until you can get over the fear (I’m not there yet)! Congrats on your 10 mile run…I’m always amazed that I actually finish those long runs. Enjoy your weekend!
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme recently posted…Can We Be Friends Again?My Profile

    • I was terrified at first! I wouldn’t even attempt a handstand without a spotter. Now I am a little more comfortable doing it on my own.

  2. Happy Friday! Boy am I glad it’s almost the weekend! What a week!!! That’s so awesome that you’re close enough to work to bike. I wish I could do that! I have that DVD! It’s a great one! I’m definitely going to check out the tutorial.

    Have a great weekend!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Flexibility is KeyMy Profile

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