Spooktacular Half Marathon

It’s official! I have registered for my first half marathon.  I cannot believe I will be running 13.1 miles in a few short months!


For the last few weeks, I was debating between the Spooktacular Half Marathon and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. Both are Halloween races, which is perfect because you all know how much I love Halloween. The deciding factor came down to the medal.  I will always be a girl who loves her accessories!  The Spooktacular medal is a Dia de los Muertos skull which is pretty fantastic!  Even if it is just going to sit in the back of my closet in a box, I had to have this medal.


I have also heard good things about the course. The venue is around the Puddingstone Reservoir with a variety of paved and trail terrain.

half marathon map

Since I have four months to train for my first half marathon, I have plenty of time to mix up my training program.  Each week I have decided to incorporate one speed run, one medium length run, and one long run.  The runs will be sandwiched between strength and cross training on non-running days.

training plan

One super exciting factor about this race is that there will be a costume contest.  I love dressing up for Halloween.  Last year I went to the Ellen Show with my Mom as a Ballerina Stormtrooper, while my Mom was Princess Darth Vader.  Did I mention I’m somewhat of a geek? Love all things fantasy!

384323_488179351216947_1510449556_n_small 156667_488500657851483_1899802227_n

I guess I better start thinking of costume ideas for this year.  It needs to be something I can run in. The Bear thinks I should be Super Girl, which could be a fall back but I want something a little more creative.

Question of the day

What should my costume be for the Spooktacular Half Marathon?!?

6 thoughts on “Spooktacular Half Marathon

  1. Ahh so exciting! Im still debating between the two halloween races but that medal is fantastic. Looks like a solid training plan, you should dress up as fast cartoon character like speedy gonzales or roadrunner to inspire you to go fast.

  2. YAY I’m so excited for you! Way to go, Jillenne! And that medal is seriously awesome – good choice :). Costume…some sort of super hero is easy since you can wear spandex/running clothes and not be bogged down by a big ass costume.

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