Sin City Gone Good?

Sin City Gone Good? Nope!


The plan was to write a post with a healthy spin on my trip to Las Vegas… that lasted about two hours on my first day in Sin City!  I should have known better because this is the third time I have gone to Vegas with Hosanna and Ashley.  It is becoming an annual ritual, and I always look forward to spending time with the girls shopping, sunbathing, and dancing!

Although the weekend was not exactly healthy, I managed to get a 5k run in on Friday morning.  Let me tell you! Running on the strip is hard.  There are soo many stairs.  These little legs were burning after mile one.  And it was HOT!  One nice thing about running on the strip was that there is music playing almost everywhere you run, which was convenient since I forgot my earphones.


After the run, it was time for breakfast so the girls and I went to Society Café.  The food was delicious and they actually have some very healthy options like fresh Acai juice.  In addition to ordering Acai juice, we split some muffins, fruit, and a breakfast panini.  Yum!

IMG_0640_small IMG_0645_small IMG_0646_small

Breakfast was followed by shopping at the outlet malls.


Maybe one day I will be able to afford to shop at these stores!

By the time we were done shopping, it was dinner time.  We returned to a favorite restaurant called Firefly, which is just off the strip.


Let’s be real here! It can be hard to eat clean dinners on the strip.  We thought the food was healthy, but then we looked at the pictures the following morning with a clearer state of mind.  Regardless, the food was amazing and the Sangria was even better!

IMG_0664_small IMG_0665_small IMG_0667_small IMG_0669_small IMG_0670_smallIMG_0671_small

Before and after dinner, there was much gambling by the ladies.  I lost a whole dollar during the trip!  I’m not much of a gambler, what can I say.


The dress I’m wearing above sounds like rain when I walk! I call it my shimmy shimmy dress.

We woke late Saturday morning and decreed it a pool day! Hosanna left us for a few hours to watch a soccer game with her husband and his friends who happened to be in Vegas as well.  Hosanna is such a good wife!

IMG_20130713_112306_small IMG_20130713_112401_small IMG_0675_small

Ashley and I got some more shopping in at the Caesers Palace after the pool, and we stumbled upon Max Brenner.  Hosanna met up with us there, and we ordered a few cocktails.  Hosanna had the Chocolate Martini while I had the Satisfaction Guaranteed (castries peanut liqueur, caramel liqueur, milk chocolate.)

IMG_0688_small IMG_0691_small

Dessert cocktails? Yes please!!!

The Bellagio is one of our favorite casinos.  Their flower décor is like no other and the water show is always fun to watch.


Saturday evening we went to Fiamma Trattorria for a mouth-watering Italian feast. Even the Italian, Ashley, said the food was good and she is a tough critic.

IMG_0726_small IMG_0728_small IMG_0729_small

The grilled salmon was good but the pear martini was amazing! I’m sure you are sensing a theme now…


Later we put on our dancing shoes at Surrender.


The shimmy shimmy dress made another guest appearance. Ashley rocked it well, and it was just too cute not to be worn two nights in a row!


We definitely danced the night away.


Sunday was uneventfully other than driving back to Los Angeles.  It was nice to have a break from my typical routine.  I think having a few splurges on desserts or greasy food is fine every once in a while, but only in moderation.  Now that I’m home, it is time to get back into the groove of things.  That means eating clean and training for a half marathon.


10 thoughts on “Sin City Gone Good?

  1. I just went to vegas for the first time a few weeks ago, being healthy there is hard but it’s more fun just to have a weekend of chillin, drinkin, and dancin. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Awesome recap post – your food and drinks look incredible and your outfits were too cute! I’m in Vegas at least twice a year for work and it’s such a fun place. I’m not much of a gamble either but I always put a $20 in the slots :). You are so pretty Ms. Jillenne :).

    • Why thank you Sara! Vegas is a lot of fun in short spurts. FYI, you basically have my dream job… you get to work from home and travel often!

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