Rock n Roll Las Vegas: Strip at Night

Hello from Las Vegas! I’m still here enjoying all the wonders Vegas has to offer, aka food, drinks, shopping, and shows! Last night I ran the Rock n Roll half marathon on the strip with my college friend Brittan and it was truly thrilling.
imageRunning the strip at night is so exhilarating. This is a crowded race so it was full of energy and excitement. Having over 40,000 people running a race creates a certain type of challenge for the organizers but this race was planned out well with multiple race corrals.

The start line seemed so far away from our corral but once we got to the start the DJ had us pumped up with energy. We were ready for the run. Brittan and I planned to run/walk this race because I was still getting over a cold but we ended up running the entire thing! Having awesome bands play throughout the course doesn’t hurt matters either.

I was so impressed with Brittan during this race. I’ll have you know that the longest distance she ran during training was 3 miles! Incredible! I don’t think I could have run a half marathon without running 10 miles before hand. She is my new hero!
imageI have to say there were a few lessons learned from this race. For intense, dancing until 3 am the night before is probably not the smartest idea. Also, bring your own fuel to the race. Even if the race offers fuel on the course, they may run out before you get there. Lastly, don’t be afraid to grab two cups of Gatorade because you are probably dehydrated from those cocktails the night before… Hah!
imageAll that matters is that we finished and with a pretty decent time of 2:31! I’m off to enjoy a little icing and then shopping… Catch ya later!

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  1. Yeayaaaa!!! Could definitely not have done it without you! Thanks for setting the pace, keeping an eye on me, and being so fun!! Love ya!!

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