RnR San Diego – Bike Medic Volunteer

Yesterday I was very fortunate to volunteer at the RnR San Diego Half Marathon and Marathon as bike medic support with California Triathlon. It was my first time riding a marathon on a bike and I have to say it was pretty darn cool.

At the start of the course, about 12 of us Cal Tri members gathered to provide assistant to runners in need. It was really neat to see all the runners jet off at the start of the race line.

Meb, who won the Boston Marathon this year, led out the 1:30 minute pacers. Meb is in the yellow hat in the center of the photo below.image

My friend Lucy and I ended up riding with the half marathon runners, and we rode the first 8 miles with only one person in need of help. Once we reached mile 9, where the marathoners joined the half marathoners around their mile 20, everyone was hurting.  Lucy and I rode back and forth between mile 20 and 24 handing out water, salt, Gu, and spraying pain relief.


The funny thing is, before now, I never even noticed bike medics on the course during any of my half marathons or full marathons, but boy, were we out there working our butts off!

It was a ton of fun volunteering at RnR San Diego, and everyone was very grateful for our support. Such a cool experience!

9 thoughts on “RnR San Diego – Bike Medic Volunteer

  1. That was a awesome volunteer job. I agree with you, they should have that at every marathons. You should look in to that. Something you could start up for others. Keep up your awesome life! Love you! Mom

    • We actually didn’t have any training at all! If there was a serious problem, we were given a number to call for the real medical help. I mostly gave out water, salt, nutrition, and sprayed bio freeze.

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