Reef and Wildlife in Cairns, Australia

Today we are going to talk about my adventures at Cairns, Australia! I know you probably just want to see my Great Barrier Reef pictures, but stay tuned! There is so much more to see from Cairns! 613-sJust my little blue friend from the reef!

The first day the Bear and I arrived in Cairns we spent poolside enjoying the ocean (not swimmable) view at the Esplanade.

IMG_0915-s(All land pictures were taken by the Bear, unless he is in it).
IMG_0922-sAs I told you yesterday, I was keeping up on all the blog and Instagram posts while in Australia. The Bear caught me in the photo above.

IMG_0985-sThe following day we took the railway to the Kuranda Rainforest, where we spent the day enjoying the scenic views and wildlife. IMG_1000-s IMG_1060-s 20140221_092923-sIMG_1170-s IMG_1199-sJust a little waterfall!

IMG_1371-s Once we were in Kuranda, we hung out with a few tropical birds. IMG_1248-s The birds will do just about anything for a peanut or sunflower seed. IMG_1246-s IMG_1377-sOn our way down from Kuranda, we took the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway…

IMG_1440-s IMG_1417-s …where we saw wild birds in the tree tops! IMG_1411-sThat evening we spent in the small town of Cairns. I may have even done a handstand backbend in graffiti alley.

IMG_2095-sOn our final full day in Cairns we went to Green Island and the outer Great Barrier Reef. At Green Island, I saw…

GOPR0071-s…claws the size of a medium dog…GOPR0065-s …a giant blue starfish…GOPR0080-s …turtles…GOPR0079-s GOPR0078-s …lots of turtles…GOPR0034-s …a jellyfish, eek!…GOPR0040-s…and a little stingray looking up at me!

After snorkeling at Green Island, I was beyond excited to go to the reef!

IMG_1943-sAnd it didn’t disappoint! GOPR0145-s Oh the colors!G0430311-s And the fish!G0260255-s G0900517-s Such blue water!G0250251-s And blue fish!GOPR0173-s GOPR0160-s GOPR0109-s I may have even touched a turtle there! Shh! Don’t tell!G0090203-sI couldn’t leave the reef without saying goodbye to my giant blue fish friend!

One thing I learned while in Cairns is that fish and birds can be quite friendly. I never realized how pet-like they can be. Plus, the city and reef were absolutely gorgeous! I am already planning my next trip.

10 thoughts on “Reef and Wildlife in Cairns, Australia

  1. GIRLFRANNNN stop it right now!!! Amazing photographs! Amazing!! Like, scenes from a movie.
    Side note-loving that purple swim suit, where’s it from??
    I love snorkeling so much but I’ve never seen anything like that before. I can’t imagine how truly spectacular it was in person. I would have cried like a baby out of pure joy and excitement…. probably for the whole trip. So cool.
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…ALL The FoodMy Profile

    • Haha! You are too funny! I love your enthusiasm!

      I had the most incredible time there! Every time I saw a new sea creature I had to mentally pinch myself out of excitement!

      I got the swimsuit on clearance last month for $20 at Dick’s. I believe it’s O’Neil.

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