Pasadena Rose Parade

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a fabulous night and are having a wonderful day. Since I have moved to Pasadena, I walk down the street with a stepladder to watch the Rose Parade very single new year. By the time the parade arrives in my hood, it’s been on TV for an hour so I scope out all the beautiful floats for pictures.



Typically this means I look for the floats with animals and butterflies.


I just love all the horses! They are so well behaved. I wish my dogs could learn a thing or two from them. :)


IMG_7015-smThese ladies were so beautiful!

IMG_6954-sm IMG_6945-sm

I’ve been told that even the ickiest of motels go for $600 a night during this time of year. I am very lucky to live in Pasadena year round!

IMG_7039-sm IMG_7041-sm IMG_7055-sm

Apparently there is tough competition to become the Rose Queen. I heard that about a thousand young ladies applied this year.

IMG_7090-sm IMG_7076-sm IMG_7096-sm IMG_7107-sm

This was the party float! Everyone was dancing and singing…naturally it was the wine float!


This was my favorite float! I wish I got a full picture. The ladies were beautiful too.


Every year hundreds of thousands of people come to watch the Rose Parade. Last night the Bear and I decided to attach the GoPro to our car and drive through the streets to see the crowds. Little did we know that people would throw food and silly string all over our car and GoPro! Lesson learned for next year: don’t drive down Colorado!

One thing to note is that the parade is definitely for the young or young at heart. I typically only watch the parade for an hour (lasts 3-4 hours) before heading back home.

IMG_7129-smI stood next to these little girls during the parade. It was a truly magical experience for these two as they kept saying “WOOOOOW” to each and every float. If you live in the area or are planning to come out next year, be sure to bring the littles along. They will never forget the experience!

I hope you enjoy the photos! Happy New Year my friends!!!

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    • Honestly they spend hours and hours putting these floats together. I even heard that they use the flowers from the floats to make potpourri afterwards!

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