Nathan Running Vest Review

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend! I have to say my weekend was pretty fantastic even though I had a rough 16 miles on Saturday, but I found my “happy pace” at 11:30. Some runs are a little slower than others and this was one of them. One of the things that got me through the run was my Nathan HPL #020 Running Vest.

imageHonestly I was very skeptical of a camel pack to begin with because I just didn’t think it would be comfortable. Since I am a thirsty runner, I was looking for something that held a lot of water. The handheld water bottles are great but I needed something more for runs over 12 miles. Then I found the Nathan running vest, which holds two liters of water, on Amazon for less than $70. If you have done any research into these vests you know that’s a steal as some of them go for $130 and more!


Lucky for me, I received the vest for Christmas from my mom… just in time for marathon training. It’s been with me on my 12, 15, 18, and 16 mile runs and I would have never known it was there because it’s so light weight. I have to give Nathan credit for thinking of everything when they created this vest. The fabric around the straps is very soft so there is no issue with chaffing. It is also ambidextrous and can be used on your right or left side with comfort.

The best part about this vest are all the little compartments on the back and front. My favorite are the front side pockets because you can store everything from fuel to a cellphone and even sunglasses in them. I’m definitely a pack rat! I like to be prepared for just about everything when I run. I have even been known to carry pepper spray with me! :-)

If you are looking for a long distance hydration solution, the Nathan running vest might just be the answer!

Question: What do you carry with you when you run? 

6 thoughts on “Nathan Running Vest Review

  1. This vest looks like a great one! I love that it not only carries water, but it’s also functional enough that it can hold a cell phone, keys, etc. I’ll have to tell Justin about this too because he had a camel back, but the bag in it broke, so this would be a great alternative when he goes on long bike rides.
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    • I really love the Nathan vest because it holds everything I need and is super comfortable. I’m sure it would be great for biking too!

  2. Way to power through those rough miles! We all have them, and they make you stronger :). The vest looks great, I’ve never thought about that as an option, but I love my Nathan hydration pack that goes around my waist! I’m not really a packrat, though – maybe a bit of fuel depending on the distance, some water, my key, and a credit card if I’m really doubting my abilities to get back ;).
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