Month of Love: Sydney, Australia

For the final leg of our trip to Australia, the Bear and I stayed at Darling Harbour in Sydney. We arrived late in the evening, and the views of the Harbour at night were just gorgeous! February was the Month of Love in Darling, so romance was in the air the minute we stepped outside of our hotel room.
IMG_2425-s(The Bear took all the photos, unless he or food are in it!)

This wall was covered in chalk paint where lovers could leave a message. I adored reading all the love notes. IMG_2434-s The city lights were stunning as reflected on the Harbour waters. IMG_2438-s IMG_2424-s Hearts could be found at every nook and cranny! IMG_2453-sCouples could even take a private boat ride in these little love boats above. IMG_2444-sAfter dinner the Bear and I stopped for desert at N2 Gelato, where a bunch of mad scientists made gelato before your eyes by using liquid Nitrogen.
IMG_2456-sThe following day we spent cruising the streets of downtown Sydney.

20140224_083748-sWe stopped by the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Can you believe that people actually climb the top of that bridge?! Talk about scary!IMG_2182-s I was happy enjoying the views from the ground. IMG_2206-s IMG_2301-s 20140224_122947-s Later we enjoyed lunch at Yuki’s at Quay, as recommended by Brittany.  The sushi was incredible and you can’t beat that view of the Opera House!  IMG_2258-sAfter lunch we waddled around the Circular Quay for a close up of the Sydney Opera House.

IMG_2325-sAfter wandering around the Sydney Botanical Gardens, we decided to discover the city from above so we went to the Sydney Tower Eye.

IMG_2359-s Sydney is known for it’s blue and green… that’s blue sky and green trees. IMG_2384-s IMG_2370-sThe only way to top our day in Sydney, was to go to Bondi Beach the following day! I am sure you have heard of Bondi because it’s one of the most famous tourist beaches in Australia.

IMG_2557-sEven though it’s a tourist beach, it’s still absolutely beautiful!
IMG_2504-s IMG_2477-sIMG_2535-s Plus, a short walk around the corner you can find some of the most beautiful ocean waters and cliffs.
IMG_2575-s IMG_2584-sIn the middle of the above picture, you can see two of the smaller beaches within walking distance from Bondi. We spent an hour or two on Tamarama Beach, as seen below.

IMG_2593-sAfter a lovely beach day, the Bear and I spent our final evening in Australia at Darling Harbour. As you know from the previous pictures, it is simple beautiful, and they also have some of the best dining experiences along the Harbour. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I am running a marathon this weekend!

IMG_2610-sI already miss my time in Australia. The people are among the friendliest, the beaches are among the bluest, the cities are among the cleanest, and the reef… oh the reef and it’s glory! My next trip to Australia cannot come soon enough!

9 thoughts on “Month of Love: Sydney, Australia

  1. I’m so Happy you got to go and see the beauty and the fun. Thanks for sharing with us the whole trip. Hope you get to go back again soon. The bear did a great job taking pictures and you made it fun with your handstands!!!! <3<33

  2. Absolutely beautiful, I love our coast and beaches, but you went to a wonderful country and I would now have to put that on my bucket list! The pictures are taken by a pro! Thanks so much for sharing, really makes us get to see your travels, so nice! Love, love each and everyone! Sweet!

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