Lululemon “Purple People Eater” Wunder Under Crops Review


For my birthday this year, the Bear gave me a gift card to Lululemon.  It wasn’t too long ago that I was asking for Anthropology gift cards, but times have changed.   Since I normally don’t spend $72 on a pair of gym pants (typically I buy them from Marshalls or Target), I splurged a little on this special occasion.

With gift card in hand, I bought a pair of Lululemon Wunder Under Crops, among a few other things ;) but this review is only about the crops.  Since I already have a pair of reversible black/green Wunder Unders, I bought a new pair in Power Purple (or as I like to call them: Purple People Eater.)  The sales clerk got a kick out of my new product name for these puppies.


Just me acting like Popeye!  Sorry, it wasn’t a make-up kind of day.

“Purple People Eater” Crops Review:

Since I purchased these crops about a month ago, I have worn them during intense workouts at the gym, 10k runs, and while running errands.

buttFabric:  Lululemon has trademarked luon which is basically combination of nylon, polyester, and lycra.  The fabric is soft and breathable like cotton, but stretches like spandex.  Although other people have experienced their Wonder Under Crops being see through, I did not find this pair to be see through.  Also, I was worried the purple color might show cellulite (let’s face it, most girls have some!), but I was pleasantly surprised that they do not show a single dimple!  The only downfall is that that my purple people eater’s did show a little bit of booty sweat during an intense gym workout.  I have not experienced any sweat marks during my 10k runs, however.

PocketFit:  Wunder Under crops are medium rise, tight fitting, and calf length.  They have a triangular gusset that prevents any embarrassing camel toe action, and a wide waistband to smooth out any muffin top.   There is even a small pocket tucked into the waistband for a key, or in my case, small pepper spray.  (It’s better to be safe, than sorry.)  They also have chafe-resistant, double stitched flat seams. I must say after wearing my purple people eater crops for an entire day, I noticed some pilling of the fabric.  However, after washing the pants, the pilling disappeared!  I wanted to take a picture for you, but it was gone!



Care:  One downfall to these crops is the care.  Lululemon recommends that they be washed on cold and air dried to protect the life of the lycra.  You also should not wash these crops with cotton because the fluff will attach to luon, or with fabric softener because it inhibits the sweat wicking capabilities.




If you can get around the care and price of these crops, they will last forever.  Wunder Under Crops are always my go-to pants.  Whenever they are in the wash, I get a little sad inside.  Mostly, I love the way these crops fit and feel.  They are super soft and perform a miracle on my booty… Yay for no dimples!

As I mentioned above, I typically shop for gym clothes at Target or Marshalls.  What is your favorite place to shop for gym clothes?

13 thoughts on “Lululemon “Purple People Eater” Wunder Under Crops Review

  1. This was an awesome review! I’ve never heard of this particular brand before, but I’m definitely intrigued, especially that they don’t show any cellulite! ;-) Also, my favorite color is purple, so these are perfect for me!

    • Thank you! I would suggest trying on the pants before you purchase a pair. I find that I need to go up a size in some of the styles made with thinner material.

  2. Your very fortunate that your crops aren’t see through. I just bought a pair of black ankle length reversible Wunder Unders and they are quite see through. I bought a size 8 which is what I normally wear in a legging but these seem tighter on me and my butt looks huge in them. I ordered these online and I would have figured on lossing my $100.00 other then they look great on my boyfriend.

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