Las Vegas Recap

I am so excited to be home again! Over the last 5 days I have been in Las Vegas.  Let me tell you, 5 days in Las Vegas is a lot! I think 3 or maybe 4 days will do in the future. Since I have nothing else planned to post for the week I thought I would give y’all a recap of my trip.
imageThis was Brittan’s and my third time in Vegas this year but it never seems to get old.  We arrived at the Cosmopolitan Casino and it was beautiful to say the least. I have to give the Cosmo credit for having excellent air circulation, which is great considering people smoke in the casinos.

imageAfter our arrival we ate, shopped, and then danced. Except for the night we ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, all our days in Vegas looked alike, with the occasional show or two. image(Photo taken by the beautiful Brittan)

Some of my favorite meals were from Mon Amy Gabi and a Thai restaurant just off the strip. Lotus of Siam actually has the reputation of being the best Thai restaurant in the nation!
imageWe had more than one meal from a pizza joint inside of the Cosmopolitan on the third floor.  The entrance is un-marked as the restaurant doesn’t have a name. We call it “secret pizza” and it seriously has the most amazing New York style pizza.  Like I said, we went there on multiple occasions.
imageOn Saturday, we went to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Expo.  It was the biggest race expo I have been to so far.  Some of my favorite vendors were Flip Belt, Nuun, and Sparkly Soul Fitness Headbands.  I just discovered Sparkly Soul and I absolutely love the headbands! Brittan and I ran the entire half marathon without needing to adjust the headband at all!
imageOn our last night in Vegas, I met up with the lovely Sara from Fit.Fun.Femme, who happened to be in Vegas for work. She was even more bubbly and beautiful in person.  We had a blast getting to know each other over a drink. I always felt like I knew Sara just from reading her blog, but it was nice to see her personality come to life in person… such a sweetheart!
imageIt was a long Vegas weekend. I truly had the time of my life, but I am ready to be home with my pups and husband!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite restaurant in Vegas? 

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