LA Marathon, You’re Mine!

So I’m running a marathon this Sunday!

Wow, I still can’t quite believe it… I’m running 26.2 miles this weekend!¬†This is coming from the girl who couldn’t run a mile a year ago. I’m still in shock!

If you live in the LA area, be sure to stop by mile 15 for the NUTRIBULLOOZA to cheer on all the runners. Nutribullet will have multiple entertainers, including The Spazmatics and David Wolfe. Plus, there will be a free Nutribullet bar where you can get all kinds of yummies. AND, they will be giving away a Nutribullet Sport every 30 minutes!!!! 

Displaying NutriBullooza_8.5x11.jpg

I’ll be the girl in the back with bright pink shorts and orange sunnies!

It was the final taper week, so Target Practice Friday was to a minimum. I ran 3 miles on Monday and Wednesday, while I swam an easy 40 minutes in the pool on Tuesday. Last night I went for a quick sport massage to work out soreness I’ve been having with my quads – worked like a charm. It’s pretty incredible that one can taper for 3 weeks and still be ready to run a marathon!

That’s what I’ll be doing! But instead of Ryan Gosling, it’s the Bear and Thing 1 & 2.

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