Going Vintage

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous Easter with your friends and family! My Easter started with a littleĀ reminiscing about my childhood with my family. I whipped out the old photos albums and came across these gems…

05I am pretty sure my mom made these AMAZING sweaters with puff paint. 03

Martha Stewart would be proud of this bunny cake! My family is big on creating themed cakes.One year my cousin made me a Barbie cake for my birthday! It’s still my favorite cake to this day!

01Since I don’t have any more posts planned for the week, this is my attempt at making this a fitness related post.

Baby triathlete in training? 02We will see this Saturday! Until then!

3 thoughts on “Going Vintage

  1. Love love love the pics! So cute! Corkys shirt was puff paint lol, but oh boy that dress… wasnt even hand made, and it looked like that! Bahaha but alas it was a fav of yours! You looked so cute in everything! And the barbie cake was so fun to make! Happy you remember it so fondly! Since the dress was all whipped cream.. and just kinda slid down! Lol

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