Falling in Love (Guest Post)

**Happy Wednesday! I am just enjoying all the beauty that Sydney has to offer! Speaking of Australia, my guest post writer is a kiwi herself. Brittany from My Own Balance is a fitness guru with workout videos on YouTube that will get your heart rate going.  Brittany has a lovely post for you today!**

Hi everyone! First of all, I want to thank Jillienne so much for asking me to guest post while she is in Australia. Since I was just there in December/January, I can tell you all that she is having a fabulous time!


Jillienne is such an amazingly inspirational athlete so when she asked me to write something, I wasn’t sure how I could inspire you like she does. Then I remembered that one of the best ways to inspire someone is through passion or, as I am going to discuss today, *love*. I figured since it is February, everyone has love on the mind.

I often hear from my non-fitness obsessed friends that they just can’t stick with consistent workouts because they don’t love it like I do. But here is a little secret - anyone can fall in love with fitness, which can lead to a happy marriage with healthy living. I’ll tell you how!


You need to date around! You can’t expect love at first sight. Just like finding a mate, finding a passion for fitness takes some shopping around. Maybe you love how quick and efficient running is but can’t stand the treadmill, consider trying a HIIT workout. Or you hate weights but want more burn than yoga offers, try a barre class. The key is to keep trying different workouts until you find something you look forward to every week. Luckily with fitness, monogamy isn’t required so feel free to try a lot of different things!


Leave fear behind! It’s easy to say shop around but many people are afraid to try new things and get stuck doing the same thing they don’t like because fear prevents them from trying something new. You wouldn’t stay in a so-so relationship because you feared being alone, would you? Well, you shouldn’t stick with an ineffective workout just because you are afraid you will look silly, won’t like a new workout or are afraid to take the plunge to try something new!


You need to make a commitment! Ok you’ve shopped around, you’ve been fearless and now you’ve found something you could potentially love. It’s time to commit. Commitment can be hard but if you truly want to make lifestyle changes, it is necessary. Invest in yourself and do whatever is necessary to stick with your new crush.

You need to work at your relationship! We all know relationships are not easy. Your relationship with fitness is going to be the same. There will be days that even your favorite workout will seem like an insurmountable object because you are tired or stressed. These are the days you need to put in the work and push through. Remember, nothing good ever came to be without a little hard work.


You need to make fitness a priority! Your relationships are important to you and your relationship with fitness should just as important. If you don’t make your relationship with health and fitness a priority, you can’t expect to get the results you want. So treat this like any other relationship and make it come first even when other things seem important.

You need to make a life together! Plan for the long-term and think about what you want to get out of this relationship. What are your healthy living goals? Decide what they are and then make a plan to get there. If you have a long-term plan, you’ll be much more likely to have a successful relationship with your health over time.

So there you have it, a formula to fall in love with fitness!

How did you celebrate Valentine’s day this year? Any tips for falling in love? What does your relationship with health and fitness look like?

10 thoughts on “Falling in Love (Guest Post)

  1. Love this, Brittany! I completely agree with everything you said here. I didn’t love fitness until I picked up running, and then I found yoga, and then I overcame my nervousness and took up road biking. It’s been a great journey!

    Hopefully this post will inspire someone (or many) to find their own fitness passion. :)
    Lisa @ Lulu’s Big Adventure recently posted…Clerkship: PediatricsMy Profile

  2. This is by far THE coolest analogy for fitness! :) It’s SPOT ON like crazy and really resonates with me. It took me a long time to find my rhythm with what I like to do to workout and I LOVE all of the forms – yoga, running, cycling, fun classes at my gym, circuits-it’s true, you don’t have to have monotony! Thank goodness!
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…Weather.My Profile

  3. Great post Brittany! My relationship with fitness has definitely changed over the years. I worked out, but I really didn’t like it. I just did it because I felt I had to. As I got older, that totally changed. I absolutely love it now and a big part of that is because I found the workouts that resonated with me the most. Zumba changed everything for me! Now I want to workout instead of having the feeling of dread that I used to have.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…WIAW #34 – Spinach Artichoke Quinoa CasseroleMy Profile

  4. This is so perfect because it’s so true!! People often ask me what “the best” exercise is and my response is always the same – “the one you will actually do!” You have to find something you enjoy and you will learn to love fitness like the rest of us.
    Speaking of love – I love that picture of you on the Cape Cod Rail Trail!!! One of my most fav spots to bike and run ever!!…of course I’ve never been to Australia :-)
    Allie recently posted…Raising Not-So-Girly Girls – Obviously A Guest Post!My Profile

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