Don’t Suffer From Healthy Girl Guilt (Guest Post)

**I am enjoying my second week in Australia, and it is simply gorgeous! I can’t wait to give you all the details when I get back.  Today’s guest post is brought to you by Lauren from Focused to Be Fit.  I asked Lauren to guest post because I love her real approach to a healthy lifestyle!**

Oh, Hello!

My name is Lauren and I blog over at Focused To Be Fit where I write about finding the balance between getting fit while still having fun! I’m beyond excited to be guest posting for Jillienne today!

Do you suffer from healthy girl guilt?! Meaning, you often feel bad when someone offers you food or a cocktail and you turn it down? Or, do you find yourself skipping certain social events because they revolve around food and/or alcohol? Healthy girl guilt could also refer to having to deal with the constant questions from people wondering why you’re drinking that ‘Ew gross!’ green smoothie or saying that you’re lame for skipping the party to go to the gym.


I know that these are circumstances I face all the time and I wanted to share with you some ways I deal with getting people to lay off and accept that I’m happy being healthy!

1.) Be Consistent. If you haven’t made a lifestyle of being healthy and are more apt to just doing fad diets here and there, then it’s no surprise that people might give you a hard time. The problem is that they don’t believe you’re going to stick with it because they’ve heard this same story before. If you’re consistent, then they won’t be surprised when you turn down the pizza at game night and they won’t ask questions.

2.) Speak Up. If someone says something rude or offensive, take the time to talk with them. If you brush it off, it’ll happen over and over again and eventually it’ll cause bigger issues. Speak up and tell them this is the lifestyle you’ve chosen and that your health is very important to you and that you’d appreciate if they could just accept that. Communicating that their words are hurtful will go far.

3.) Start Drinking ‘Vodka’. Say what?! So, you’re at the bar and you want to hang with everyone but they’re wondering why you don’t have a drink in your hand. Well, now you can make everyone happy. When you get to the bar, just order a lemon water in a short glass. When anyone asks what you’re drinking, you can tell them it’s Vodka with water and lemon. Sip slowly so that no one is tempted to buy you another!  ;)

blog764.) Fill Up. If you know you’ll be attending a party with a lot of junk food and you don’t want to count on them having any healthy eats, fill up before you leave. If you go to the party hungry, chances are, you’ll eat whatever is there. If someone tells you to help yourself, nicely tell them that you ate before you came.

5.) Go Sweaty. Every Thursday is Girl’s Night for my friends and I. They know that I’m not going to miss my workout, so the evening with them always starts after I get done at the gym and no matter what the plan is, I go sweaty! They know I’m not going to be pretty, I’ll have mascara running down my face, and be a little smelly, but my workout is just as important as time with them, so I fit both in. Or another fun way to incorporate both, is having them join you for the sweat session!


 We should never have to feel guilty about being health conscious and while I do know how to have a good time, I like to keep a balance of 85% clean eats to 15% room for splurges – and believe me – I love my splurges!

blog15Brownie dipped in white chocolate fondue…yes please!

Once you’ve established healthy living as a lifestyle and not a ‘diet’, I promise it’ll become easier and everyone around you will be on board. Plus, hopefully some of them will join you in making their health a priority!

Thanks for having me, Jillienne! For more ways to find the balance between getting fit and having fun, stop by and see me over at Focused To Be Fit!

– Lauren

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  1. Great post! I have definitely had to deal with rude comments before and it drives me nuts. My friends are really into eating and drinking and don’t get me wrong, I love it too, but in moderation. These are some great suggestions!
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