Chocolate Raspberry OverNight Oats

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A few months ago I discovered OverNight Oats (aka, ONOs) from Brittany’s blog.  The basic concept behind ONOs is simple: mix oats with milk of choice and leave in the fridge overnight.  These oats are similar to cold cereal or grits, and I find them delicious!  Added bonus: ONOs keep you full until lunch time!  No mid-morning snacks for this girl.

I started to experiment with different flavors, and I think I have found a winning combination.  My beloved raspberries and chocolate… to die for!  I ate this for breakfast for a week straight when I first discovered this combo!


1/2 cup of steal cut oats (or old fashioned)

1/2 cup of Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 T cocoa powder

1/2 t vanilla extract

1 t chia seeds (optional)

1 t honey (optional)

1/4 cup frozen raspberries

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Mix the first 6 ingredients together until combined. Mix in frozen raspberries.  Put in fridge overnight. So simple!

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The following morning I topped the concoction with a little extra almond milk to loosen up the oats. This is becoming a favorite for breakfast or desert!

What is your favorite breakfast food?

11 thoughts on “Chocolate Raspberry OverNight Oats

  1. Yes! Love this variation of “instant oatmeal”. Forgot about it! Used to eat it everyday for a year or so. So much that I was over it for a little while but now I am totally craving it! Really helped me get in breakfast because I am REALLY bad w/skipping bfast but notice such a difference when I do eat it. I used to put my steel cut oats (big bag from Costco) w/ water (milk would have been better) added cream after.. Regular oatmeal seasonings to taste etc.. And of coarse the frozen raspberries (also big bag from Costco) in a micro safe travel bowl and bring it with me on my 16 hour shifts and either nuke it for a couple min before I left and eat right away or just bring it with and heat it whenever, for a couple min, at work. Was Perfect!!! Thanks Jillienne!!

    • When my fridge was working, I ate this everyday. It’s one of my favorite breakfast items! I will post more varieties soon.

  2. I am going in to make this for the morning, been slacking a bit on doing my little bit of healthy eating and my juicing. Tomorrow I start with this for breakfast. I hope I don’t get up in the middle of the night and eat it…lol Thanks for all your ideas, Jilliene, I love them and you too.. <3

    Yummy in my tummy :)
    These were terrific and so so easy.
    I am actually making them again for lunch, but going to try heating them just a bit so they aren’t frozen and hard.
    We will see. Love your recipes!!!!
    Now, GO, GO, have fun on your minication <3

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