Weekend Adventures & Ramblings

Hi friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Mine was a blast filled with Halloween adventures, family visits, a swap meet, and running. Actually, the last 3 weeks have been jam-packed with different activities.  Ever since my first half marathon, I have been in a fitness/health rut! I missed Target Practice Friday because I didn’t workout at all last week (other than long runs).  Plus, I was recovering from my Halloween party the night before! If I do say so myself, the party was pretty awesome!!!


 The Bear was Jesse from Breaking Bad!



 Can you guess who I went as yet?! Bettlejuice Bettlejuice Bettlejuice!!!


 Love the Lego costume!


 I think the tablescape turned out nicely.


I have come to the conclusion that I need to take a little break from blogging this week. I have been struggling with thinking up new ideas for the blog. Writer’s block has finally struck. I have been afraid this would happen.  My plan for the week is to focus on fitness and eating well. I want to get back into a healthy routine, and hope that my blogging inspiration will return next week. I will check in to report progress with you all on Target Practice Friday!

It’s a Halloween Party!

I am throwing my first Halloween party this year! Eeeee! I am super excited because as you know Halloween is my favorite holiday. Normally I plan things months in advance, but I didn’t actually start planning this party until this Saturday and the party is Thursday! Luckily Pinterest came to the rescue. There are so many amazingly creative people!  I found recipes, decor, and drink ideas from a few fantastic bloggers too!

Basically this post will be a bunch of stuff that I wasn’t smart creative enough to think up but thought was too cool not to share.  Below are my favorite recipes for the party on Thursday:

(Via Secrets of a Momaholic)

Guacamole dressed up as vomit for Halloween

(Via Pinterest)


(Via Eat Yourself Skinny)

I also started decorating this weekend! Here is what I have accomplished so far…




 Bats may have attacked my place! I was Bat Girl for my half marathon after all! In all seriousness, my hands are dead tired from cutting out all those bats, but it was worth the whole $4 I spent on card stock!



 Bloody brains and hearts: 100% lean, no preservatives, high protein, fat free! It says it right on the package!

Lastly, I need help deciding how to do my makeup on Halloween. Should I do the right or left version?


 Can you guess who I am going to be?!

Happy Halloween!!!

Why Halloween is the BEST Holiday!

Did I mention that I love Halloween!? In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I thought I would write a post explaining why Halloween rocks my world as the best holiday! If you came here to read a blog post about fitness or are looking for a healthy recipe, turn around now.  This post will have none of that!

7 Reasons to LOVE Halloween

Costumes: Who doesn’t want to dress up as something awesome for a day!?  I loved getting into character as a kid and this continued into my adulthood!

Jillienne Halloween 02-sm

I think my mom was trying to tell me something with the angel costume because I was anything but an angel as a kid!

Trick or Treating: Whoever invented this holiday was a genius! Both collecting candy from neighbors or pulling a prank on them are equally satisfying. When I was old enough to understand trick or treating, I actually went trick or treating in broad daylight on Nov 1 because I loved it so much.  Halfway through the neighborhood, someone finally called my mom to let her know what I was up to! At least I almost succeeded!

Jillienne Halloween 01_sm

Gosh! My brother and I were so freakin’ cute! What happened?! :-)

Candy: To say I love candy is an understatement. Let me repeat, I went trick or treating twice one year! But in all seriousness, when else can you binge on candy and not feel guilty about it? Never! That’s why Halloween rocks! 

Did anyone else sort their candy? I was Type A even as a wee-little kid!

Cheesy Scary Movies:  I can’t explain why I love cheesy scary movies, but they are awesome. Each October, I watch a different scary movie on the weekends leading up to Halloween.  If I don’t have party plans on Halloween, I binge watch several scary movies while passing out (on) candy. :-) Now that’s what I call a perfect evening!


 Nothing better than Hocus Pocus after a half marathon!

No Gift or Family Gathering Obligation: Rightfully so, Halloween is a favorite of my friend Jeremy too.  He makes a very good point that Halloween is the only holiday where gifts and family gatherings are not expected.  While I love to gather with the family on Christmas and exchange gifts, it’s nice to have a holiday without those requirements.

Pumpkins: Need I say more?! October is the month of jack-o-laterns, pumpkin spiced lattes, and pumpkin roll.

I stole this picture from my sister-in-law because her jack-o-lanterns are incredible!

Haunted Houses: I can’t explain this one. I just loooooove to be scared.  I love the thrill that comes with haunted houses or haunted hayrides. Is that weird? :-)

  Now it’s your turn! Why do you like Halloween?!