Cardamom Milk Tea and OverNight Oats


Cardamom is a new spice for me.  I first discovered it a few years ago at Nicole and Amish’s wedding, where they had cardamom cupcakes. Amish is from Nepal and uses cardamom often while cooking. When I tried cardamom at their wedding, I found the flavor very strong and different from the spices I normally eat.

After being reintroduced to cardamom last weekend during my San Francisco visit, I am starting to enjoy it – mostly in sweets.  (Speaking of my visit, I’m staring at my luggage waiting to be unpacked while I’m writing this post.  Yay, procrastination!)


I bought some cardamom pods at an Indian spice shop while in San Fran, and Amish showed me how to make milk tea.  He used cow milk, sugar, and black tea.  But of course I had to make a healthier version for my readers:


Cardamom Almond Breeze Milk Tea

1 ½ cup of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze milk

1 or 2 black tea bags

5 drops of Stevia (I like my milk tea sweet!)

1 cardamom pod, remove the outside pod and ground the inside pellets

In a pot, heat the milk on high heat until it starts to foam.  Reduce heat to low and add tea bags, Stevia and cardamom.  The milk will turn brownish in color when it is ready to drink.


Nicole says the cardamom pellets look like mouse turds, and I would have to agree.

When I got home from San Francisco, the first (ok, maybe the twentieth) thing I did was open my Herb Bible to read the history of cardamom.  It turns out that cardamom has been used for centuries as a respiratory tonic, circulatory stimulant, and adrenal tonic.  Cardamom is also commonly used in Indian/Nepali cooking and pairs well with ginger, coriander seeds, black pepper and cumin.  Cardamom carries a sweet note which makes it perfect for cakes, and you guessed it, OverNight Oats (ONOs).

After my run this morning, I enjoyed Cardamom ONOs and they were delicious!  Turns out ONOs only take about an hour to “process,” which is exactly how long it takes me to run a 10k.  I may have to change the name to One Hour Oats!  Nah, ONO has a better ring to it…


Cardamom ONOs

1/3 cup of old fashion oats

1/3 cup of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze milk

½ tablespoon of chia seeds

½ tablespoon of cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 or 2 tablespoons of raisins

1 cardamom pod, remove the outside pod and ground the inside pellets

Add all ingredients together and leave in the fridge overnight or for one hour.


I’m interested in learning more about cardamom. What was your first experience like eating cardamom? Do you use it often?  What ways do you cook with it?

Happy Friday everyone!

7 thoughts on “Cardamom Milk Tea and OverNight Oats

  1. We make Newari sweet dumplings called ‘yomari’. Newari is a Nepali ethnic group, and Amish happens to be Newari. The sweets are filled with molasses or milk candy, which we spice with cardamom! Not so healthy, but oh so delicious!

    You can see a photo of yomari here –>

  2. I want to try the Nepali tea with almond milk now after reading your blog. Looks like it turned out great. I usually use tea pellets instead of tea bags. Good to know about the cardamom benefits. I didn’t know those benefits. One more reason to put your blog in the bookmark :)

  3. I missed this recipe!! I love my chai tea with dun..dun…dun.. cows milk.. pretty much every day..this sounds delish! And all of that vanilla almond milk you use I just might have to try it! Any idea where i can get the pods around here?

    • I think you’ll really like this tea! It’s right up your alley. I buy the vanilla almond milk in bulk at Costco, FYI. You can find cardamom pods at any Indian specialty store, but I’m sure the grocery store will have ground cardamom in the spice section. If not, I’ll give you some next time I’m in the area. A little goes a loooong way.

  4. Keep meaning to get on here and tell you my cardamom chai almond milk is sooooooooo delish!!!! I can’t get enough!! Iced, hot, either way a yummy twist to my every day chai!!!!!! Thank you Jillienne! That was the most thoughtful gift.. now when I look at all of the different chai’s I have, they all have cardamon in them! Lol! Love the flavor.. im definitely going to check out other recipies to use w/ it! And LOVE THE ONO’S (OHO’S) :)

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