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Over the last few weeks, I have been hinting that I joined a new training team. It only makes sense that I would join a triathlon team at some point since as you know I am very fond of running teams. A few months ago during marathon training, I met the California Triathlon team president, Thom, at Matty Reed’s clinic. Thom’s pitch was very convincing as California Triathlon is the only non-profit, free membership triathlon team in the area.10155345_381107255361089_1968703796_nOnce I signed up to become a member, I found out that the team offers a whole calender of weekly training activities. After the LA Marathon, I jumped right into triathlon training because my next race is the Huntington Beach Triathlon.  I started attending Tuesday Track to gain some speed back after the marathon. I never really ran intervals until I started training with the group!

1972454_379036245568190_6027373513231512242_nShortly after attending track, I became a regular at Wednesday Brick training. Like track training, each brick session is different. The first time I rode with the group was on a course called “Little Italy.”  Boy, was I in trouble! It was the hardest course I have ever ridden, but everyone was extremely supportive as I huffed and puffed up the hill, TWICE! During brick training we also practice repeat transitioning from the bike to the run.

small I’m in the orange! small2

California Triathlon has even taken me on some of my longest bike rides during their Saturday long bike ride sessions. And as you know, I volunteered with the team this weekend at Oceanside 70.3.

small1One of the best parts of being a member of Cal Tri is this program called VOGO. If you volunteer at a race, they will give you a free race entry. Pretty cool because those races add up quickly!

California Triathlon is probably the friendliest athletic team I have been a member of, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve ran with 5 different teams. Last Sunday, they threw a sprint aquathlon for members of Cal Tri who volunteered at a Rosebowl event. It was a blast to open water swim with the group, and it also became very clear that I need more practice before my upcoming triathlon!

small5 small3Walk like an Egyptian!

IMG_20140330_104819If you are training for a triathlon and live in the LA area, you neeeeeeed to join this team. California Triathlon offers free training all the way from Riverside to Malibu. I am always one of the last to finish during training, but the “good jobs” and “get its” from other members are never ending. Everyone is so supportive!

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    • I don’t believe all of the events are listed on the calendar. You could contact the training lead about different workouts.

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