Benefits of a Personal Trainer + Workout Routine by Trainer-Extraordinare: Craig Mills


If you have read my Meet Jillienne page, you know that I have been going to a personal trainer since November, 2012.  Since I began seeing a trainer, I have met my weight loss goals, but more importantly, I feel healthy and strong.  Working with a trainer has changed my view on working out.  I no longer think of workouts as a chore, but instead I view them as “me” time that allows me to clear my head while strengthening my body.


When I first began seeing my personal trainer, Craig Mills, I could not even do regular push ups.  Craig started me out with incline push ups in the beginning. Gradually I moved on to regular push ups, and now I can do decline push ups.  I even compete with the Bear’s guy friends!  I have done 90 push ups in one workout, but it has taken a lot of hard, yet fun, work to get where I am.  I couldn’t have done it without Craig.

Before I get into the benefits of meeting with a personal trainer, let me tell you about the first time I met Craig… after Craig had showed me how to do a proper squat, I completely blacked out!  I kid you not!  We had just finished doing a very light round of body weight squats and I blacked out on one of the shoulder machines. (I still get light headed during a certain time of the month, but the doc says I’m healthy as a horse!) This goes to show how out of shape I was in the beginning!  I was very embarrassed but Craig was a great sport about it and encouraged me to come back another day to try again. Thank goodness I did because it has truly changed my life.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer:

  • Learn proper form.  I never really knew how to workout before I met with my trainer.  My form was completely wrong, and Craig corrected that and continues to correct it. He has shown me the proper way to use the equipment and free weights. 
  • New workout routine.  After a while, I tend to get in a workout rut. A trainer will help you create new workout routines that will continue to challenge your body. Trainers can be expensive.  One way to save money is to see a trainer once or twice a month and have them design a few routines for the rest of the month.
  • Meet new fitness goals.  A trainer will push you to meet new fitness goals, whether it is maintaining a healthy weight, training for a marathon, or body building.
  • Improve overall wellness. IDEA surveys show that the primary reason people hire personal trainers is to to get professional assistance to improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance and coordination.
  • Keep you motivated.  A trainer will help you stay motivated  for your fitness goals. Think of the buddy system. If you are meeting with someone on a regular basis, it is a good motivator for staying accountable.

Craig has graciously agreed to share a workout routine with my readers.

There are three rounds in this workout. Do three sets of each round.

Craig Mill’s Park Workout

Round 1:

  • Squat – Weighted Front Raise 12-15 reps

IMG_0370_small IMG_0371_small


  • Decline Push Ups 10 reps (If decline push ups are too difficult, start with incline push ups).

IMG_0372_small IMG_0377_small

  • Split Lunges 10 reps each leg (A progression of this move is doing the elevated split lunges, split lunges with dumbbell curls, or elevated lunges with dumbbell curls).

IMG_0380_small IMG_0383_small

IMG_0386_Small IMG_0387_small

IMG_0389_small IMG_0390_small

IMG_0395_small IMG_0397_small

  • Dips 10 reps (straightening the legs increases the difficultly)

IMG_0398_small IMG_0399_small

IMG_0400_small IMG_0401_small

Round 2:

  • Box (curb) Jumps 15 reps

IMG_0402_small IMG_0403_small

  • Spiderman Push Ups 10 reps (alternate each leg)

IMG_0406_small IMG_0407_small

  • Alternating Push Offs 20 reps

IMG_0419_small IMG_0416_small

  • Plank with Alternating Dumbbell Row 20 reps

IMG_0420_small IMG_0421_small

Round 3:

  • Knee Ins 15 reps

IMG_0423_small IMG_0424_small

  • 90 Degree Crunch 20 reps

IMG_0425_small IMG_0427_small

  • Scissors 30 reps

IMG_0428_small IMG_0429_small

  • Plank (Hold the plank as long as you can.  In the beginning I could hardly hold a plank for 30 seconds.  Now I’m at a minute.)


  • Sprint for 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off (5 minutes total)


If you are interested in hiring a personal trainer in the Pasadena area, I highly recommend Craig!  You can reach him by phone at (818) 274-6686 or by email at craigtmills (at) yahoo (dot) com


Sorry ladies… he is already taken, but he is available for a personal training session.

12 thoughts on “Benefits of a Personal Trainer + Workout Routine by Trainer-Extraordinare: Craig Mills

  1. This looks like a great and challenging routine, especially the push-up variations. I’ve always wanted to work out with a personal trainer but quite frankly, I was always put off by the cost. Although, I’d have to say that it seems like a worthy investment.

    • I agree…they can be expensive, but I have seen a body transformation since I started meeting with Craig. For the first month, I met with Craig three times a week. Now, I’m meeting with him twice a month for new workout routines.

  2. Love the idea of just having a trainer a couple or even a few times a month after getting started! That way you’re still accountable and challenged but in a more affordable way! And you DO look great!

  3. Thank you for sharing, and I agree some look challenging. I would like to try. I walk and did some lunges today. A start right.

    • Everyone has a different starting point. Remember, I fainted my first day training! Walking and doing lunges is a great start!

    • That is similar to the Spiderman push up, but Craig bring my knee to my elbow at the same time I drop. The park is in Pasadena; not sure what it’s called.

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