Oceanside 70.3 Ironman + Juice It Up Giveaway

What a world wind of a weekend! For those of you who were following me on Instagram, no I didn’t race in Oceanside 70.3 Ironman. I did, however, volunteer with California Triathlon.


Before I decided to volunteer I was planning on going to the half Ironman because my half alien, half Ironman friend was racing. You may remember Brett from older posts. He is the person who introduced me to this crazy world of triathlon. He is also my latest hero! I’ll have you know he came out of the water shortly after the pros.

IMG_8047 - Copy IMG_8241_s

Volunteering with Cal Tri was right up there with one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We worked the Transition 1, so we got a VIP view of all the pros transitioning out of the water.

IMG_8060 - Copy


Just three little pro bums transitioning. Not a bad view, eh?


I may have even met Karena from Tone It Up. It’s hard to believe that she is even more friendly and gorgeous in person. We may have gotten a little too close for her comfort during this picture of Karena transitioning. She was a real sport about it though!


Pro triathlete Andy Potts handed out the medals after he finished the race. Talk about amazing!


Let’s be honest… I wasn’t just volunteering this weekend. I may have been scoping out the course for next year. :-) The swim in the harbour looks nice and calm, but I heard there is one hill on the bike that some people walk!!! Eeek… training is necessary!


Spectating is seriously a sport! I was at the race for ten hours volunteering and watching the triathletes cross the finish line. After a long day, I needed a pick me up so I stopped by Juice It Up to test out their new raw juice menu. The Detoxifier is my favorite!


Juice It Up wants you to test out their new menu too, so they are giving away four $5 giftcards. Enter to win using rafflecopter below. I will email the winners next Monday.

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Fit Foodie Friday #1

Welcome to Friday my friends! It has been a loooong week for me so I’m looking forward to an active weekend. I have some fun posts coming at ya next week!

Fit Foodie FridayIt’s no secret that I was second guessing the Target Practice Friday posts because quite frankly, I don’t have many short term goals left. Naturally, I set out to do a little research, aka read other blogs, and I came across Brittany’s Friday’s Food and Fitness series. Ever since she started the series, I have really enjoyed reading about her adventures in food and fitness, but I wanted to leave the option open to post on “Target Practice” goals in the future. Thus, Fit Foodie Friday was born.

During this new series, that I’m calling Fit Foodie Friday, I will discuss any current fitness activities or goals and my food for the week. Basically it’s combining the best of Friday’s Food and Fitness and Target Practice Friday. Hopefully everyone’s happy!


I have a serious problem! Ever since the marathon, my stomach has grown so much. It has been difficult to get my eating habits under control.
imageThese bars  from Body Feed are so delicious that I’ve been eating way too many of them!

While I am eating healthy food most of the time, I’m eating waaaay too much of it. Not to mention the doughnuts, pizza, and brownies I ate this week. Next week, I may need to meal plan to get my frequent eating under control.


Whoa! Training is back in full swing! I am currently training for the Ragnar Relay and HB Triathlon so it’s been a juggling act between running, biking, and swimming. I’ve been squeezing in workouts wherever I can…
imageThat means incorporating open water swims after hanging out with friends on the weekend. I’ve also been training with a new group, but more on that next week! :-)

Tootles! Have an active weekend!

Triathlon 101: How to Survive Your First Triathlon

As I am approaching my next triathlon, I’ve been reflecting on my training lately and how much I have learned since I started my journey to swim/bike/run. I thought it would be fun to write a Triathlon 101 blog post about everything I didn’t know before my first triathlon. Let me start by saying I am no expert and still have much to learn, but hope that I can help anyone out there who is considering a triathlon.


Most triathlons start with a swim, unless the race is a reverse sprint, which typically ends in a pool instead of starting in an ocean or lake. I would highly recommend a reverse sprint for your first triathlon because it’s much easier to swim in the pool. If your race is open water, be sure to grab a buddy or two to start training. You want to become very comfortable with open water swimming so you don’t go into panic mode during the race.

IMG_6650.jpg-smPlus, you will likely have feet in your face during the race, so keep your cool by practicing rhythmic breathing. Just like in running, make sure you train in everything you plan to wear during the race, so if you plan to wear a wetsuit make sure you train in it.
imageSwimming is the hardest part for most people when they attempt their first triathlon. It’s not a bad idea to take a few swim lessons or join a local masters swim group.


The second hardest triathlon sport for most people is cycling. I never realized how much I needed to practice on the bike until my second duathlon – hello hills! There is still a ton of room for improvement, but I have found that cycling is a lot like running. Hill repeats and time trialing will become your frenemy.

IMG_6030-sThe reason this sport is so expensive is mostly due to the bike. Road bikes and triathlon bikes are super expensive. And then you will want a helmet, bicycle shoes, cleats, clipless pedals. (Yeah, nice road bikes don’t come with pedals). However, you can race in a triathlon without a road or triathlon bike. I have seen many people on mountain bikes. Granted, you will be working twice as hard on a mountain bike.

IMG_1135-pIf you don’t care about name brands, Bikes Direct has great entry level road bikes for around $600. Be sure to get fitted for a road/triathlon bike before you buy anything! Any bike shop will be happy to help you find the right frame size for you. You can also look into buying a used bike, but be careful with Craig’s List. A LOT of people switch out the components on otherwise nice bikes with crap.


Running is the easiest, least expensive of the three sports. Yet after swimming and biking, your legs will feel like lead.

IMG_6053-sMake the race a little easier on yourself by incorporating brick training in your workouts. Brick workouts are when you perform one sport immediately after the other. During tri training, I include one brick workout per week, which lately, has been a 12 mile bike ride followed by a 5k run.


Transitions count! Transition time is included in your total race time, so it’s important to practice transitioning between each of the sports. I try to get to a race two hours before the start to set up my transition area.

20131208_072633.jpg-smOn a towel, I lay out my bike shoes, running shoes, socks, bib belt, fuel, upside down helmet, a rag for my runny nose, and a water bottle to clean off my sandy feet. Note that not everything I listed is shown above because I have learned since my first race!

What to Wear

Most people will be racing in a Tri Kit. They look a little something like the picture below. Tri kits can be two pieces or one piece. And yes, you wear it for all three sports. You may also want to invest in a bib belt that you can clip on after the swim! You would wear the bib on your back during the bike ride and on your front for the final run.

(Picture Source)

Race Distances

Triathlons range in distances. You can race in anything from a sprint triathlon to a full Ironman 140.6. When you enter the world of triathlon, you will likely find distances of Sprint, Classic, Olympic, International, 70.3 or Half Ironman, and 140.6 or Full Ironman. Distances defined here.

Triathlon Check ListLet’s face it… your first triathlon is a learning experience (and I’m still learning!), so try not to take it too seriously. As you will come to find, a lot of triathletes are very serious athletes and can be known for their cockiness.

IMG_1143-pDon’t let them intimidate you. Respect the sport and have fun!

So Cal Ragnar Relay

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! My weekend was… interesting. So apparently I live on the wrong side of the tracks because this happened on Saturday.

20140322_145742There were about 12 cop cars roaming our neighborhood because there was a break in two houses down. It was exactly like an episode of Cops!!! They even brought in the K9 unit, had guns drawn, and yelled on the microphone for the robbers to come out with their hands up. The cops did find one robber inside my neighbor’s house and another trying to escape the next block over. It was scary but I watched from the safety of my home.

Normally I don’t share stuff like this, but when does this happen!?! I’m still in shock about the whole scene. A big thank you to the Pasadena Police Department for keeping our streets safe!

Anyways… on a fitness related topic… I signed up for the So Cal Ragnar Relay with a group of 11 awesome runners/bloggers!

We will be running from Huntington Beach all the way down to San Diego in two weekends and I’m pretty excited about it.  I am also a little nervous because it hasn’t even been a month since the marathon. My body is still recovering, so I know I won’t be at my fastest. Note to self: don’t sign up for a race immediately after a marathon. Regardless, it’s going to be a blast!!!


Target Practice Friday #30

borrowed stole the idea for the Target Practice Friday series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  I do things a little differently, but ultimately it’s where I share my progress on my short term goals, a.k.a targets.

Wow! I haven’t posted a Target Practice since I left for Australia! You can read my recap posts here, here and here. It’s hard to believe since so much has happened over the last month. For starters…

MarathonI completed my first full marathon. It was incredible and hard. I am slowly recovering and my muscles are starting to bounce back.


Improve Pace - I have come to realize that this goal is never ending. As soon as I reach a new pace, I want to get even faster. I don’t think I’ll ever be crossing this off my list.

HandstandMission accomplished! It only took over 6 months to complete this goal, but I can finally do a handstand without a wall. Granted, they don’t last long!

IMG_1804-s IMG_2150-s IMG_0798-s IMG_0593

Eating Clean - This is another goal that is like the song that never ends! I am constantly working on eating cleaner. Some weeks are easier than others.

Lately I have been debating whether or not to keep the Target Practice Fridays going. I have accomplished most of my long term goals, which only leaves one left… Ironman 70.3. What do you think? Should I keep Target Practice alive? Does anyone really care about my fitness activities and daily eats?

Tri the Beach Triathlon Winners + Promo Code

Happy Tuesday! Thing 1 is as happy as a 15-year-old dog could be to be home from the vet and in his comfy bed. He seems to be healing very nicely! Thank you for all the warm wishes yesterday.

This post is going to be short and sweet because things have been a little crazy at home and work. If things go as planned, I’ll have some triathlon posts next week.

Now for the Tri the Beach Triathlon winners:

Ashley H. #53

Howard T. #102

I will send you an email with instructions on registering for the race.

Don’t fret! If you didn’t win, you should still register for the HB Triathlon!!! I have a coupon for you. Use the code RASPFANS for a $5.00 discount! Besides, I will be there, Ashley will be there, and Howard will be there! We’ll have a good old time. :-)

Until I Ran a Marathon, I Never Understood…

It’s official! I have been a runner for a year now! LA Marathon was the perfect way to celebrate my RUNiversary, but I never really understood #runnerproblems until I ran a full marathon. While running a marathon is a twisted kind of awesomeness, I thought I would share with you the all the gory details because I know you are just dying to know! ;-)

LA Marathon

Until a ran a marathon, I never understood..

Chafing – With half marathons, chafing wasn’t a issue. Once I started running more that 16 miles, there was chafing in places I didn’t even know could chafe! Let’s just say Body Glide is a girl’s best friend during marathon training.

Blisters – Oh my gosh. I had blisters on blisters on blisters! It was disgusting. I even got my first blood blister. Mole skin became a life saver.

Hunger- I never understood hunger, until I ran a marathon. And not your average, everyday kind of hunger. I shouldn’t admit this because I’m a healthy living blogger, but I ate like a beast after the marathon. Double-double from In-n-Out with animal style fries? Don’t mind if I do!

Soreness – Even though I was working out and running six days a week, I still couldn’t sit on a toilet after the marathon. I have never felt so much soreness in my legs before the marathon. I even had a waddle-walk at work the next two days.

Tapering - During half marathon training, I never needed to taper down. I would run 10 miles the weekend before a race. With a full marathon, you have to respect the taper period. I probably tapered a little too quickly since I was on vacation in Australia the day after the 20 miler, but during this time, my foot healed and my body recovered. On that note, I never understood running injuries until I ran a full marathon either!

With all that said, I wouldn’t trade my marathon experience for anything. It was truly incredible. It was hard beyond words, but the feeling of accomplishment after the race can’t be matched. I am even starting to forget the pain and considering another marathon in the distant future. :-)

And for what you are waiting for, the Nutribullet winner is: Kayla J. I sent you an email regarding shipment.

On an unrelated note, this morning I had to take Thing 1 to the vet to have his tooth removed. He is 15 years old, so even a minor surgery like having a tooth removed can be serious. But he is a tough old pup, so I know he’ll be just fine. :-)  Please keep Thing 1 in your thoughts.

 Question: What did you learn about yourself during marathon training? 

A BIG FAT Thank You

I just wanted to stop on this beautiful weekend to say a BIG thank you for all of the votes for the ARC Ambassadorship this week. You guys are awesome! Unfortunately, I was not selected. The ambassador from last year won again. But that’s okay! I am looking forward to the next adventure…in other words, triathlons! 

ARC Ambassador + Yurbuds Giveaway

Thank you for coming back! Voting is still ongoing for the ARC Ambassadorship, and I need all the votes I can possibly get. There is really tough competition! I would expect nothing less from a group of runners!


I am going to forgo Target Practice Friday today because I am still recovering from LAM and decided to replace running with walking this week. Instead I’m going to focus on gearing up for future races, and I need your help. Please vote for me to become the ARC Ambassador for San Gabriel Valley. Before you can vote with this link, you must like the ARC Facebook page. Then click on my face, and press submit!


Once you have voted, come back and enter my Yurbuds giveaway. I absolutely love Yurbuds and I used them while training for the LA Marathon. Read my review here.

The winner can pick from Yurbuds Inspire Sport Earphones

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Now for the winner of yesterday’s giveaway: Victoria R. you are the Quest Bar Winner. I will send you an email regarding shipment.

Thank you so much for voting for me! I will be keeping my fingers crossed all weekend until I found out the results from the voting period! I will email the Yurbuds winner tonight after 7:00 p.m.!

A Runner’s Circle Ambassador + Box of Quest Bar Giveaway

I need your help! I threw my name in the hat to become an ambassador for a local running store, A Runner’s Circle, a few months ago. Even though there was tough competition, I was selected to become a candidate, but now I need your help to become the Ambassador for San Gabriel Valley!


What does an ARC Ambassador do?

Well, basically I would run. I would run a lot! The ambassador must run at least 15 local races while representing the store. And I’ve never wanted anything more!

Please vote for me on Facebook! In order to vote, you must first like the ARC Facebook page first. Then go to this link, click on my face, and press submit! IMG_5789_sm

Quest Bar Giveaway: After you have voted, come back and enter my giveaway to win a box of Quest Bars! Yes, an entire box.

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The winner gets to pick one box from the following flavors: Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, Apple Pie, Double Chocolate Chunk, Cinnamon Roll, and Banana Nut Muffin. The winner will be announced tomorrow!

Please come back tomorrow for another GIVEAWAY and remember to vote for me to become the ARC San Gabriel Valley Ambassador! Voting starts again Friday at 7:00 a.m. PST. I will need every single vote I can get!