“Target Practice” Friday

I’m trying something new today! I have been wanting to ride my bike to work for a while now, but have been afraid of riding with the clipless pedals in traffic.  Normally I train around the Rose Bowl where there are few cars.  Today I finally got up the courage to ride to work! If you see a picture on Instagram of a bruised knee or scraped elbow, now you will know what happened!

I guess it’s that time again. I must warn you… I was pretty bad this week!

borrowed stole the idea for the Target Practice Friday series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  I do things a little differently, but ultimately it’s where I share my progress on my short term goals, a.k.a targets.

Duathlon - If you saw Monday’s post, you know I finished my first duathlon!  It turns out I finished 2nd in my division and 9th out of all the females!  The race was exciting and wonderful but a little disappointing all at the same time. Why am I disappointed you may ask. Well you see, I missed the start of the race so I feel like I didn’t experience the entire race.  I need a do-over.  And I want one soon.  I’m looking for a race in the next month.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

oc0310 (1)

Improve Pace - Ha Ha Ha! Other than my new PR for the duathlon 5k. I didn’t run. None, nada, zilch!  I was super exhausted this week.  Maybe it’s because Aunt Flow came into town, if you catch my meaning, but I just could not get myself to run. I was in a funk and tired and grouchy and only chocolate would cure my bad mood. :)

Handstand - I met with my personal trainer this week, and we worked on handstands.  I got up on my own the second try!  I’m going to ignore the fact that I couldn’t get up again, and focus on the fact that I got up once and held it for 40 seconds! Woohoo! Some of you have asked how to do a handstand so I found this video of exactly what I was taught, minus the pushup!


Half Marathon – Refer to improve pace. No running, but I did do some yoga!


Eating Clean - Last weekend was horrible! I ate everything and anything. It was unsightly. However, the week went pretty well.  I had a lot of healthy salads for lunch and lean proteins for dinner, which is becoming the norm.

Next week’s goal is to get back on the running bandwagon. I also need to focus on eating clean.  I have another busy weekend planned and a Fun concert at the Greek on Tuesday!  My plan is to eat as clean and workout as much as possible, but sometimes you just need to live a little. So that’s what I am going to do!

 Have a great long weekend! 

Chasing Raspberries Makeover

Chasing Raspberries has a new look! If you are reading this post on Bloglovin’ be sure to open the website in a browser so you can see the new layout!


(Love this new monogram!)

About a month ago I reached out to the fabulous designer, Jen Montgomery, to create a logo and blog banner. Lucky for me, she agreed to cut out some time from her busy schedule over at Meat and Potatoes to create a logo for me. Naturally when she agreed, I was singing hallelujah!

Before I even knew about the blogosphere, I followed Jen on her blog. It’s two years later, and I still absolutely love her style.  She is one creative, witty, and talented lady.  If you follow Jen on Twitter, you are bound to be entertained.  Did I mention that Jen is the queen of puns?! Well, she is.

Taken at Ruby Jewel <http://www.rubyjewel.net/> in Portland, OR.

As a graphics designer, Jen has designed everything from logos, book covers, holiday cards, and even Disney dolls. Yet she still finds the time to design weekly illustrations that she shares on her blog, you guessed it, each week! Here are a few of my favorites:

Vitamin Kale

You can find her delicious kale smoothie recipe here!

Purple Paisley Peacock

I just love her illustrations! This is one of my faves!

I’m sure you can see why I was over the moon when she agreed to design a logo for me.  After some discussion about the colors and graphics (Hello Raspberries!) that I wanted, she designed this lovely logo!


I wanted something simple, yet fun all at the same time. I think she nailed it!  What do you think of the new design?!

Sunshine and Liebster Awards

Over that last few weeks I have been nominated for a few blogging awards. If you are a blogger or heavy blog follower, you have probably seen a lot of Sunshine and Liebster awards circulating the blog world. Well, they finally made it to me!

Both Holly from Eat Great Be Great, and Cassie from Rural Running Redhead nominated me for the Sunshine award, which is circulated to bloggers to let them know their posts brighten your day.

Then I was nominated for the Liebster award by Lauren from Focused To Be Fit, and Megan from The Lyon’s Share. The Liebster award highlights blogs with fewer than 200 followers as a way to acknowledge up and coming blogs.


Thank you ladies for the honor! I truly appreciate it, especially since I am so new to blogging!

Each award comes with a set of questions by the nominator that I should answer as a means of getting to know me. Since I was nominated four times in the span of two weeks, I decided to answer a few questions from each nominator.


Any pets? I think you have met Thing 1 and Thing 2.


FYI, their real names are Jessie James (short hair) and Sandy Lu (long hair). You would think I liked Westerns with those names! I’ve had Jessie since junior high school which makes him 14 years old! Sandy is a rescue dog that we got a year ago. She has a gimpy foot but is a little firecracker!

What is your Zodiac sign? Gemini, does that make me two-faced!?

'Two-faced' chimera cat

 If only all things were so beautiful! (Via)

What are five things you can’t live without? This is a hard one! I feel like I can live without so many things, but here’s the list:

Tooth brush
Running shoes
Oh, and my husband!

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken? Easy! My trip to Hawaii in 2009. Did I mention I got married on that vacation?


 (Ashleigh, me, Bear, Cody)

Would you rather be stuck neck-deep in the hole of an outhouse for an hour or stuck in a porta-potty rolling down a hill for five minutes?  Oh dear god!!! Both options suck, but I’d rather get it over with in five minutes. Let it roll!

toilet golf cart, toilet go-cart, toilet car, toilet bowl golf cart, toilet bowl go-cart, go cart, diy car, diy transportation

Though, I’d much rather have that guy’s setup! (Via)

What not-on-the-air-anymore sitcom do you love? Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars!!! Why oh why were there only three seasons!? And yes, I contributed to the kickstarter! The movie going to be amazing!!!

What would your last supper be? A gallon of raspberries! If I wasn’t full from that, a pizza!

What made you start a blog? I started the blog four months ago to document my journey toward living a healthy life, but mostly, I wanted attention. Did I mention that I have ADD? At least that’s what the doc told me when I was six years old.

What’s a food that you hate that you wish you liked? Mushrooms! I wished I liked them so my mom would stop asking me if I like them even though she knows the answer to that question! :)

If I could give you 5 free hours tomorrow to do whatever you wanted (with no responsibilities), what would you do? Run, sleep, run. In that order.

I’m also supposed to nominate other bloggers for each award, but since it has spread the blogosphere so rapidly and everyone and their mother has been nominated already, I decided to nominate all my readers! :) Now it’s your turn to answer one or all of my questions below!

  1.  Which year made the best movies? The 80s or the 90s?
  2.  Zombies or vampires?
  3. What’s the furthest you have ever ran?
  4. PC or Mac? (not mac and cheese!) 
  5. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
  6. What’s your favorite quotation?
  7. Would you rather run, swim, or bike?
  8. Winter, Fall, Spring or Summer?
  9. If you could go anywhere in the world at no cost to you, where would you go?
  10. Would you rather eat a cock roach or a worm?

I look forward to reading all your answers!

Surftown Duathlon + Weekend Adventures for the Soul

This weekend was eventful!  I headed down to San Diego for my first duathlon (words cannot describe!) but I also had fantastic weekend adventures for the soul.

First off, after having my hair lightened (P.S. my mom is the best hair stylist in Fallbrook), I helped my brother buy a car on Saturday!


Check out this stud!

Later I met up with one of my oldest friends, Danielle.  One nice thing about living in a small town my entire life is that I have friends who date back to the 3rd grade (a.k.a. Danielle) and even to my 2nd birthday (a.k.a Ashleigh).  [FYI, you will most likely see them pop up on this blog from time to time.]  The special thing about these friendships is we can go a year without seeing each other, but pick things up as if no time has passed.  But back to my beautiful friend, Danielle, who is one of the most caring people I have ever met.  She is the type of person who will go out of her way to help friends, family, and even, strangers in need.   I could go on and on about how great Danielle is, but you get the point… she is awesome!

Danielle, her fiancé Nick, a friend John, and I went out to Old Town Temecula for drinks, live music, and dinner on Saturday night.   We started the evening with cocktails, like the Roboto, which was a watermelon basil drink! YUM!


After listening to some live music, we ate at Public House.  I knew the food would be amazing because there was a two hour wait!  It basically rocked my world! Check out these eats.


With all the drinks and unhealthy food, let’s just say I was off to a good start for the duathlon the following morning. Totally worth it!

Sunday morning I woke bright, well dark, and early at 3:30 a.m. to get ready for the duathlon.  I was doing surprisingly well on only 5 hours of sleep.  With much convincing the day before, my brother agreed to come with me to Imperial Beach Surftown Duathlon.  My friend, Terry, met me down in Imperial Beach where we got set up for the race.


Overall the race went well, though I say that with some hesitation.  You see, I didn’t actually start the first run with everyone else.  Terry and I were in line to use the restroom and lost track of time.  We didn’t realize the race already started until about 8 minutes in.  Oops. :)  To our defense, there was a lot of confusion about when the duathlon started versus the triathlon.

Since I got a late start, I went out at full speed.  I can’t say how fast I ran because I forgot to start my watch during all the commotion and frustration.  (I may have said a few curse words!)  I think the first mile was around an 8 minute pace.


Once I got back to the transition area, I had calmed down a bit and focused on the task at hand.  The transition to bike went smoothly at about one minute.   Once the wind was in my hair, I was completely in the zone.  Did I mention that I love biking?!  So much so that I improved my pace by 4 minutes, making my bike time 34:14.   I was happy again.


After transitioning from biking (1:20), it was time for the 5k.  I ran the first mile at 8:34, the second mile at 9:16, and the final mile at 8:39, which made this my new PR!  I was doubleplus happy!


The race was followed by a birthday celebration for my brother (29) and grandpa (84!)  We ate a lot of good food, opened presents, and enjoy each other’s company.  My mom made the cute fruit kabobs and my grandma made the chile relleno casserole.

IMG_20130825_104727 IMG_20130825_104048









Overall I had an amazing weekend.  The duathlon was a great learning experience.  For instance, some of the racers dismounted their bikes without removing their clipless shoes from the pedal!  Also, pay attention to start times, Jillienne!!!! Anyways, I am looking forward to the next duathlon, and hopefully, triathlon soon!


How was your weekend!?

Target Practice + Tasty Bite Winner

We have made it to Friday! How has your week been? It’s been a rough week for me. Work is pulling me in multiple directions, and my brain is in need of a weekend dumbification.  I’ve had little to no time for blogging, which means I have a ton of blogs to catch up on over the weekend. I love binge blogging!  Anyways, it’s Friday so I better share my progress on some goals…

borrowed stole the idea for this series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  I do things a little differently, but ultimately it’s where I share my progress on my short term goals, a.k.a targets.

Duathlon - This Monday I did things a tad bit differently.  I ran 3 miles before riding 9 miles on the bike. Normally my legs feel like lead running after having rode 9 miles on the bike, so I wanted to see how my body would adjust to variation.  I have to say that it’s much easier to run before biking! So much easier that I actually ran my fastest 5k ever!

collage_29Sure it’s slow for some of you folks, but this is speed racer status for me!  I am happy. :) And it’s just in time because my duathlon is this weekend!!!

Improve Pace - In addition to my FASTEST 5k EVER, I also did interval training on Wednesday.

Handstand - I spent 30 minutes trying to do a handstand against my garage on Tuesday. After failing a billion times, lots of curse words, and creating lasting hand impressions in the grass, I gave up and asked the Bear to help me get my legs up.  Naturally, I could kick my legs all the way up when he came out to assist!  Anyways, I held it for about 15 seconds.  Feeling satisfied, and surprisingly exhausted, I decided to do a quick workout in the yard.

Backyard Workout 08.23.13


Just a plank face at the gym… nothing to be afraid of here!

Half Marathon – Guess what this girl did last Saturday?! That’s right!  I ran the 10 mile challenge! It wasn’t too difficult either! I did stop for 30 second on a steep hill but I felt pretty good about the run anyways.


That’s my friend, Terry, from the Pasadena Pacers.  Somehow I convinced her to do the duathlon with me this weekend!

Eating Clean - My eats weren’t too shabby this week. There were a lot of salads, veggie burgers and Death Sauce.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram know what I’m talking about…

IMG_20130821_183005Don’t worry, he says. It’s all natural, he says. As the Bear hands me Death Sauce!

My main goal for next week is to get through this Duathlon. I’m super excited mostly for the race, but partially because I’ll be in my hometown for the weekend, where I hope to catch up with some old friends!

As for the Tasty Bite giveaway, the winner is… Carolsue Anderson!

Email me your address at Jillienne(at)chasingraspberries(dot)com and I will mail these goodies out right away!

That’s all for now folks! Tootles! 

Blueberry Mojito of Awesomeness


Mojitos are probably my favorite alcoholic drinks of all time.  I discovered them during my trip to Cabo with the Bear last year.  Ever since, I have not been able to get enough of mojitos.  I love the combination of lime and mint.  It’s so darn refreshing!


Whenever I have a hard day at work, the Bear will whip up a quick mojito.  He has become quite the mojito master.  Since the Bear has never had a drink in his life (not kidding!), it makes me feel really special that he goes out of his way to make little ol’ me something. Not to drive the point into the ground, but it’s a pretty rare sight to see the Bear in the kitchen making anything. His idea of cooking is heating up a Hot Pocket, so typically I’m the one in the kitchen creating a healthy meal, while he cleans up after me. It’s a nice little arrangement that we made when we got married!

Anyways, back on topic… Alcohol! I don’t drink very often, so when I do it has to be something pretty spectacular.  What’s more spectacular than blueberries, mint and limes?! Thus, the Blueberry Mojito was born!


5.0 from 2 reviews

Blueberry Mojito
Prep time: 
Total time: 

Serves: 1

  • 1 lime
  • ¼ cup blueberries
  • 1 shot white rum
  • 2 drops Stevia
  • Small handful mint
  • Sparkling water
  • Ice

  1. Squeeze lime into a tall glass.
  2. Add mint and blueberries and then mash with a muddler.
  3. Add Stevia and white rum. Fill the glass with ice.
  4. Top the glass off with sparkling water then mix all ingredients. Bottoms up!!!

The blueberries are a great source of antioxidents, and the Stevia helps to reduce calories. Alcohol has a lot of empty calories, so I will take all the help I can get when drinking! Because sometimes a girl just needs a drink!

What’s your favorite “healthy” alcoholic drink?

Book Review: Master Your Metabolism

It has been a long time coming for this book review.  If you remember back to my Don’t Drink Soda, Period post, I mentioned Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels several times as a reference. I simple love this book, and no, it’s not because we both have the same name. Master Your Metabolism has changed my view on dieting.  Even though I was eating pretty clean the first time I read this book, Master Your Metabolism pushed my eats to the next level.  I never knew how closely our hormones are tied to our metabolism, and how many environmental factors affect our hormones.

book picture

Jillian breaks the book down into three parts: This is Your Metabolism on Hormones, The Master Plan, and The Master Tools.   I found Part 1, Your Metabolism on Hormones, the most insightful.  Jillian lists 12 (insulin, thyroid, estrogen and progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine, human growth hormone, leptin and ghrelin) of the major players in the metabolic and hormonal scene.   She explains how each hormone is produced in the body, how it affects the metabolism, and how each hormone gets out of whack. One thing I took away from this part of the book was how important it is to get a good night of sleep.   Lack of sleep can throw so many hormones out of balance.  For instance, a University of Chicago study found that when people are deprived of their deepest stage of sleep, stage 4, their daily growth hormone levels dropped 23 percent.

In Part 2, The Master Plan, Jillian breaks down three steps to balance your hormones and master your metabolism.  The first step is to remove what Jillian calls “antinutrients” from your life.   These are things like hydrogenated fats, refined grains, soda!, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Jillian describes how each antinutrient throws your hormones out of whack, and in turn, slows your metabolism.  Jillian has a dictum that she says repeatedly through the book: only eat food that had a mother or grew from the ground.  Words to live by!

The second step is to restore, where you replace all the antinutrients with foods that trigger fat-loss hormones.  A few of these foods are legumes, alliums, berries (gotta have those raspberries!), cruciferous vegetables, and healthy meat and eggs. One of the best things I learned from this section of the book was that fruits and vegetables have a PIU number telling you how they were grown.  A PIU number with 4 digits means it was conventionally made, 5 digits with an 8 means it was a GMO seed, and 5 digits with a 9 means it’s organic.  The third and last step is to re-balance hormones.   Some of the ways to re-balance your hormones is by eating every 4 hours, eating until you are full but not stuffed, and combining foods correctly.

During Part 3, The Master Tools, Jilliian describes how important it is to remove other toxins, such as unsafe plastics and cleaning products, from your life. Another awesome tip: check the bottom of plastic containers to find out what it’s made from.  You want to avoid polyvinyl chloride (#3), polystyrene (#6), and polycarbonate (#7). Jillian also provides numerous mouth-watering recipes like grilled halibut soft tacos with orange salsa. Yum!  Finally, Jillian gives remedies for mastering more complex hormonal conditions.  One being to eat soy before menopause, and another, to take calcium pills to reduce PMS symptoms.


Even though I have loved Jillian Michaels from the early days of The Biggest Loser and even followed her on her AM Radio show, I cannot say enough good things about this book!  The 17 years of experience and research is evident from the introduction of Master Your Metabolism.  I highly recommend everyone go out and read this book!

BBQ Chicken Tasty Bite Thai Lime Rice + Giveaway


A few weeks ago Tasty Bite contacted me to try out a few of their products. Tasty Bite offers instant Indian entrees, Asian noodles, and rices. And I have to say, the Bear and I loved every single packet! The best part is that Tasty Bite packets have no preservatives or artificial flavors! Here is the proof:


Tasty Bite sent me Kung Pao, Pad Thai, Channa Masala, Madras Lentils, Ginger Lentil Rice, and my favorite, Thai Lime Rice.


This week we ate the noodles with a few extra fresh veggies like eggplant, carrots, and zucchini. Even though the packet says there are two servings, the Bear and I each ate our own packet because we were hungry! Both the Kung Pao and Pad Thai have about 500 calories per packet, which is not too bad for a dinner.

Over the weekend, I also made a favorite recipe of mine, Thai BBQ Chicken, with the Thai Lime Rice. Normally the recipe calls for rice noodles, but the Tasty Bite rice was delicious!


BBQ Chicken Tasty Bite Thai Lime Rice
Prep time: 
Total time: 


  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp tamari or soy sauce
  • juice from 1 lime
  • 1 shallot, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp ginger, finely chopped
  • 1 small red chilli, finely chopped
  • 2 packets Tasty Bite Thai Lime Rice
  • 1 cooked chicken breast
  • 2 tbsp BBQ sauce
  • 1 cup snowpeas
  • 1 cup bean sprouts
  • 2 celery sticks, cut into thin strips
  • 1 handful mint

  1. Combine honey, tamari, lime juice, shallot, ginger and chili in a small bowl.
  2. Shred chicken breast and cover with BBQ sauce.
  3. Steam snowpeas in saucepan of boiling water for one minute until tender.
  4. Cook Tasty Bite Thai rice in the microwave for 90 seconds each.
  5. Add bean sprouts, celery, mint leaves, dressing, chicken, and snow peas to the Tasty Bite Thai rice. Serve and Enjoy!


The BBQ chicken adds a little something special to this dish.


After my trip to Sacramento on Friday, I wanted a quick dinner when I got home. I decided to eat the Madras Lentils. Oh my! They were good and tasted exactly like my favorite chili from Whole Foods. Tasty Bite packets really are perfect for a dinner in a pinch.

The funny thing is that I had a packet of Channa Masala in my pantry and did not even realize it! I have been eating Tasty Bite packets for months now!


Since I enjoyed the Tasty Bite packets so much, I figured I would share with my readers. I will be giving away the four Tasty Bite packages in the picture above.  Be sure to use Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be announced Friday. :)

Have you ever tried Tasty Bite packets? What’s your favorite dinner in a pinch?

“Target Practice” Friday + Blogilates Winner

I will keep this Target Practice short because I’m about to board a plane for a work trip to Sacramento.  I should be back on Saturday in time for my 10 Mile Challenge with the Pasadena Pacers!

borrowed stole the idea for this series from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  It’s where I share my progress on my short term goals.

Duathlon - On Monday, I ran my typical 3 miles and road my typical 9 miles. I’m pretty happy about the run because I ran at a 9:45 pace, which isn’t bad considering I rode 9 miles beforehand.  And you know I went to spin class! I love the instructor.  She has high energy and works my butt off!

Improve Pace - Again, I didn’t focus on speed this week. No interval training, no hills, no tempo run, nothing… there is always next week, right? :(

50 Push Ups -  I did 50 consecutive push ups on Thursday! BOOM! Goal achieved! ‘Nough said. :)

Handstand - This is a new short term goal. For some reason, I got it in my head that I need to do a handstand. Maybe it’s all the CrossFit workouts I have seen lately?! Not sure, but the goal is to do a free standing handstand. So on Tuesday I met with my personal trainer, Craig, where he taught me how to do a handstand!!! Guess what?! I held the handstand for 30 seconds! It was so cool, but I still need assistance getting my legs all the way up. More practice is needed.

Half Marathon – Remember when I said I would run on Friday because I was going to miss my Saturday run due to IDEA World.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I got caught up in creating recipes.  Pesto Broccolini Panini’s don’t make themselves!  Even though I didn’t get a long run in, I did get a trail run in with the boys on Wednesday.

IMG_20130814_142329Eating Clean - My eats were super clean this week thanks to my CSA produce box (more on that later).

IMG_20130811_120207I ate a lot of ONOs with chocolate Vega Protein Powder.  They were YUMMY!

IMG_20130813_072304Next week’s main goal is to work on speed training!  After my 10 Mile Challenge tomorrow, I need to take it easy on the distance runs during the week because my Duathlon is next Sunday!!!  I’m so excited and nervous for this race.  I know it will be a great learning experience for future duathlons, and the triathletes I have talked to said that the transitions can make or break your time, so I’ve been timing myself to improve. We will see how it goes!

Now for what you really want to know!  The IDEA World goodies and Blogilates tank top winner is …

 Mindy Fan, who tweeted about the giveaway!

Email me your address at Jillienne(at)chasingraspberries(dot)com and I will mail these goodies out right away!

Well, I’m off to Sacramento to get some real work done so I can pay for more giveaways!

 Have a great weekend!

Keylime Pie & Strawberry Coconut Popsicles


I cannot believe we are already in mid-August!  The summer is almost over.  Oye vey!   Since the hot summer nights will be gone before we know it, I’m going to enjoy every last minute of it.  That means spending more time at the beach, running in the early morning, and popsicles!

Let’s celebrate our last days of summer together with a few popsicle recipes.   The first is a Keylime Pie Popiscle, while the second is a Strawberry Coconut Popsicle.


Keylime Pie Pops

Not only does the spirulina give a nice green color, but it adds a little protein to the popsicles. Who would have thought a popsicle could be the perfect after workout snack!


Strawberry Coconut Pops

This was the Bear’s favorite of the two recipes.  He loved the twist of the coconut with the strawberries and cream flavor.  I added a few slices of strawberries into the mixture before I froze the popsicles.  I like biting into the chunks of fruit!


Instead of using my traditional popsicle molds, I used mini Dixie cups with wooden popsicle sticks.  I got the idea from Pinterest! I could not love it more! I always hate trying to get the popsicles out of their molds.  It’s so easy with the Dixie cups because you can just tear it off.  LOVE!


Do you have any last minute summer adventures planned?

What’s your favorite type of popsicle? Fruit or chocolate?